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Now more than ever we realize that our eyes ARE our most prized organ since we literally cannot function without the live video streaming technology to get through our daily activities of work, education, communication, and even leisure. In addition, at this time of year, if we don’t initiate a gentle autumnal detox, heat may get trapped in our bodies and throw off the doshic balance in our eyes. The eyes are run by several sub-doshas, but “alochak pitta” is the primary subdosha to address when trying to keep your eyes healthy. Alochak pitta works in tandem with all other four pitta sub-dosha-s that govern our body: pachaka in the stomach, ranjaka in the liver, sadhaka in the heart, and bhrajaka in the skin. Alochaka, however, shares a special relation with ranjaka and sadhaka. In this sense, if one of them those go off, the likelihood of the others going off is greater. We’ve all been trying to stay cool and emotionally composed in these difficult days in addition to having to spend so much more time on our computers zoom-ing away for meetings. So what can you do to keep your eyes healthy? Since we have no choice but to expose them so much more to EMF screens and devices these days?
For one, Vaidya made an exquisite eye-drop. This is a must-have, specially for heavy computer users. If you experience dry, itchy, red eye, use this 3-5 times a day to soothe and refresh your eyes.
Otherwise, there are several things that Vaidya Mishra recommended generally.
Diet: is always key for pacifying subdoshas, and particularly so for pitta. Avoiding pitta-aggravating sour, pungent, acidic foods, salty foods. Add lots of colorful vegetables (beets, carrots, leafy greens), as well as seasonal sweet juicy fruits (pomegrenate, guava, pineapple, papapay) to your diet now. This can work wonders. Also, do not skip or delay meals, as this will help keep pachak pitta in balance in the stomach.
Take care of sadhak and ranjak pitta: taking care of your sadhak pitta and ranjak pitta can work wonders for the care of your eyes. Sadhak pitta governs the heart, and processes our emotions and thoughts. Ranjak pitta governs the liver and processes the food we ingest. Making sure that both sadhaka and ranjaka are cool and balanced will help support the eyes.
All the things that help keep your emotions happy and healthy will keep your sadhak pitta in balance: from garnering positive mental habits to avoiding horror movies; or going to bed on time and making sure you get some laughs and down time daily – you can keep sadhak pitta in check. Ranjak pitta gets affected by mental and emotional predisposition as much as bad food, and stress. So putting attention on managing your life and diet will help keep ranjak pitta in check.

An excellent nourishing classical ayurvedic formula of great help for the eyes is Triphala - whether taken internally or apply transdermally. Triphala is well-known for its three-dosha pacifying, detoxifying and nurturing effect on the eyes. Triphala is made of 3 fruits as its name indicates: Amalaki, Haritaki, and Bhibitaki. Amalaki is a wonder of its own. Whether used transdermally or taken orally, it pacifies ALL pitta subdoshas and supports the body’s alkalinity and boosts immunity. Try it in Vaidya’s Nectar drops’ form, or chyawanprash, or tablets. Otherwis, Vaidya’s Triphala Ghee is made with Mom’s Ghee. Ghee made in the traditional method is particularly considered best for the eyes, because ghee carries a balanced amount of soma and agni. When Triphala is infused in the ghee (apply on the orb of the eyes) it becomes nectar for the eyes! It will then not only nurture but also pacify alochak pitta and support alochak agni.
But there is still more you can do! ALA for the eyes: have you heard of Alpha Lipoic Acid cream which is great for eye care? Due to chronological aging, or the extensive drying effect of EMF on the eyes, the circulation of blood to the optic nerve and retina gets slowed down. Alpha Lipoic Acid has been shown to have the specific beneficial ability to enhance and support blood supply to nerves endings. The eyes being an agneya organ (fiery and hot), ALA is ideal for soothing without overheating or stimulating the eyes further even as it enhances blood flow and circulation. Ideally, if you have tired sore eyes, it is great to do the marma protocol at night with SVA Triphala ghee, and then, in the morning, do the marma treatment with the ALA cream. The ALA cream is also a great cream to use for eye care and eye marma massage, as it works like a gentle non-greasy facial cream base. You can do the eye marma massage with ALA and then continue your usual SVA facial marma massage with Lalita’s Facial oil or Age-defying cream.
Finally, minimize the use of toxic chemically ladden make-up items such as eyeliners, and eyeshadows, etc. If you love Vaidya Mishra’s eyeliner, you will love it even more in its new format.
Now, you can experience the benefits of our traditional ayurvedic eyeliner with the exquisite and beneficial properties of a silver container and applicator – this is a new item with limited stock! Silver is a prized metal in ayurveda that helps pacify heat in the body. Using the eyeliner paste housed in a pure silver container and with silver applicator will carry further cooling nurturing benefits of the silver for the eyes. Your agneya eyes will love the cooling, soothing, nurturing treatment benefits of this applicator.
Last but never least – indulge your eyes in a vedic sound-bath! Play Vaidya Mishra’s Eyes’ Mantra to help re-align your eyes’ health vibrationally through sound frequency. You can keep this mantra playing 24/7 on low volume in your workplace or bedroom for a soothing nurturing effect.
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