Mind the Gap(s): Herbal Drops for THE Alternative SVA Healing Experience – with Dr Teitelbaum! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Sept. 10, 2020 – #35, Vol 10

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One of Vaidya Mishra’s many contributions to the science and art of Ayurveda, are the “Herbal-Memory Nectar Drops.” These are not herbal preparations to support memory and cognitive faculties; they are concentrated herbal drops that carry the “herbal blue-print or memory” of the original plant in its pranic intact form. Highly concentrated, sustainable, and free from alcohol 100%, they are very subtle yet very potent herbal blends or single herbs to help you on your healing journey towards total yogic bliss and balance. 1-3 drops in a glass of water per day is all it takes. Find out more in Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum’s article below.
Mind the Gaps! 
In our good-willed efforts to treat the human physiology we often overlook the unseen forces behind the scenes which are quietly yet powerfully conducting every process in our bodies. Since these forces cannot be seen on an MRI or an X-ray, or any diagnostic tool for that matter, they are ignored; yet they remain the major players for a smoothly functioning physiology. Known as the “gaps” or “sandhis” in Ayurveda, these spaces between the tissues and cellular systems are bustling with vibrational energy which ultimately forms the physical body. For example, after you eat, digest and assimilate your food, it begins its long journey through the body’s 7 tissues: starting with the blood plasma, then onto the blood tissue, the muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow, and finally the reproductive fluids. Thus each of the body’s 7 tissues systematically transform from one tissue to the next. For example, the fat tissue becomes the raw material for and transforms into the bone. 
   But how does this transformation happen? 
   It happens in the vibrational gaps in between these tissues where all the elements of nature reside: space, air, fire, water and earth. Each of these elements, starting with space (or Akasha), which is pure vibration, sequentially transforms into the next tissue, becoming more solid as we go from the space element to eventually the earth element, the most dense element of all. And in these gaps are the agnis, or metabolic fires, which are responsible for igniting and materializing all these transformational changes. 

 So how does this affect us? Let me give you a concrete example: my teacher, ayurvedic healer, author, and educator Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra, took the herb and processed it pranically to extract its vibrational quality – or the “intelligence and know-how” of its molecular make-up. This allows the herb to have its desired effect in the body faster and safer. He added this essence to a base of vegetable extracted kosher glycerin. One to two drops deliver a “hundred times” the amount of the herb’s potency in its raw state. We add these drops to a glass of water and sip on throughout the day. The water becomes charged and suffused with the vibrational aspect – finer than the finest physical molecule – of the herb now. When ingested it travels immediately into the gaps, instantly creating transformational change in these very important sandhis where the whole physiology is always being regenerated.  
With these drops do is initiate great change at this deepest fundamental level of the human physiology. Here’s an even more concrete example.
   I just spoke with a patient today who has a diseased liver and her liver enzymes have been off the charts for years. Her doctors just keep ordering bloodwork to monitor everything but the numbers never change. I gave her 3 of Vaidya’s Nectar drops for addressing the liver. She was somewhat skeptical when I told her they were safe because they carried no physical herbs, rather just the pure vibration or “intelligence” of the herb. She wanted to know why we couldn’t use herbal tablets or teas. I told her that her liver was too weak to metabolize those crude herbs, and that with the nectar drops, the intelligence of the herb would be taken deep into her cellular system, to the gaps, to effect the quickest and deepest change. She reluctantly agreed and continued to take both these drops and others as well for her weak thyroid – which she had been taking thyroid hormone for.
   She called me today, excitedly replying to me, through tears of joy, how she just got her bloodwork back. For the first time in years her liver enzymes were normal and her endocrinologist said that her thyroid was suddenly functioning so well she could slowly start weaning off her thyroid medicine.This is an excellent example of how we can truly change our physical bodies by directing our healing efforts towards these vibrational gaps. This is why Vaidya Mishra created these drops. The human physiology is overtaxed with toxic chemicals in our food and environment, a bad diet, and too much stress. All these factors diminish our body’s capacity to digest and metabolize not just food, but healing herbs. These “nectar drops” as Vaidya called them, deliver the healing properties of t hese herbs and bypass our overtaxed systems. In addition, this is also why happy thoughts make you healthy, and negative thoughts can make you sick, as those vibrations travel deep into our cellular systems, and also why prayers, mantras and chanting work, as those vibrational sounds have an impact on every gap in the entire cellular system. These drops are safe and effective for all, and they can create deep transformations, specially if you stay on top of your diet, routine, and mental and heart health.
  My upcoming book will discuss this in greater detail – can’t wait to share it all with you!
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