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Nasya: What It is & What It Does
The nose is a sensitive doorway that often receives little or no attention. Daily we must pay attention, because the nose has such an important job: warming the air we breathe and filtering out environmental toxins in the process of respiration. SVA tells us that the nasal passages are also the primary entry ways receiving Agni and Soma predominant energies from the universe. Nasya – applying medicated oils in the nose – is the best way to help the nose do its job – a job it should do without swelling or pain; without stuffiness, without itchiness, etc. Nasya also ‘lubricates’ the brain and the sense organs. Insufficient lubrication of the pathways can make one dizzy, spacey, and anxious. We have many different oils to chose from – based on your need of the moment. Read more to find out which one is best suited for you.

Four Nasya Oils
Vaidya Mishra made different nasya oil to serve different needs. Read on to discover which one is right for you.
General Instructions on Usage:  Apply your nasya oil into each nostril either by the supplied dropper; with an organic-cotton swab; or with a clean fingertip (nails must be trimmed.) Maintain the purity of each oil, do not touch dropper to nose or anything else. 
This oil was specially designed to open to open ida pingala nadi. Mainly it works to support the nadis, which in this EMF era often get into trouble. Ida Pingala Oil helps the nadis cope with EMFs without getting overwhelmed.
To get best results from this oil, follow this protocol. Apply Lalita’s Age-Defying Facial Cream on phana marma, lateral and at the base of each nostril. Then, tilt your neck back lying down. Put three drops each side of nose with the dropper. Can do three times day – morning, noon, evening. Doing nasya with this oil before meditation will balance the ida and pingala and make the sushumna nadi active for deeper meditation experience.

This oil is for very specific conditions in the sinus and nasal cavity where unwanted bacterial growth may be happening due to exposure to bacteria and depleted friendly bacteria. It will help reestablish proper nasal environment and protect the sinus and nasal cavity from bacterial growth.  
How it works:
  • Immunomodulation of sinuses by kutki pichorrzia, guduchi, clary sage oil, benzoin, and sweet basil.
  • Neutralizes sugar and carbohydrates with gymnema, indian Kino, saptapani, cinnamon. These herbs effectively neutralize the food source needed by bacteria to grow in the sinuses.
  • Supplies cellular system the ability to protect against allergens by daruharidra
  • Jantughna group of herbs – oregano, clary sage, and cyprus - have a bacteriostatic action such that bacteria can’t further multiply.
  • Channel opening black pepper, boswellia, peppermint, and neroli help the absorption of the oil and the release of toxins. 
Precaution: These herbs and essential oil make this nasya oil very powerful. Best to use under supervision of SVA practitioner. It should be used with caution for pitta and vata types. May be a little irritating. Start with only one drop in each side of nose. If you can handle comfortably, then can go up to three drops. May be used three times per day. 

Maha Nasya Oil is our more powerful version of the regular nasya oil   It will open the channels, nourish the nostrils, calms the mind, and support the immune system. Best for Kapha body type.  
·        Magnesium in the oil will nurture and detoxify
·        Black pepper opens channels 
·        Indian sarsaparilla is anti-inflammatory and aromatic
·        Turmeric is anti-inflammatory
·         Calamus root is calming
·        Cinnamon is aromatic
·        Nutmeg is channel opening and calming
·        Clove is opening and cooling
·        Kanchanar is growth balancing
·        Vidanga is immunomodulatory
·        Frankincense helps body fight inflammation
·        Neem leaf powder detoxifying
·        Babul is very nurturing
·        Rose and vetiver are aromatic and cooling
·        Kayphal is channel opening  
Precautions: Vata and Pitta body types use with caution. Best to use under supervision of SVA practitioner. Start with one drop to see if any irritation. If no discomfort, you many work up to three drops. Use this oil only in morning. 

Tridoshic Nasya Oil: This is our original SVA Nasya oil. Tri-doshic, this oil can be used safely three times per day. Best nasya oil to maintain the health of the physical nasal channels
  • Ajowain seed: channel open, ama burning 
  • Coriander seed: cooling n detoxifying
  • Vidanga powder: supports immune system
  • Triphala powder: soothing, nurturing, detoxifying, firms the mucous membranes
Thank you for all the questions relating to the Palm Leaf Reading. A palm leaf reading does not replace your jyotish reading – jyotish supplies ongoing daily, monthly, annual etc guidance. A palm leaf reading discloses other karmic and dharmic information that may not be available to the jyotishi. We usually have one Palm Leaf Reading in a lifetime if/when our leaves are located. The institute below gives you access to authentic readers from South India – a great gift of modern technology that allows us to connect across time and space to communicate with this timeless ancient science, Namaste.
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Community Courses
Certified Instructors
Vaidya Mishra toured and taught incessantly for 14 years from Spring 2003 – Spring 2017, building a beautiful SVA community at large. Many of his students continue his teachings and have their own center offerings and healing modalities that incorporate SVA precepts as well. We love featuring their work and latest news. Here are some courses from the community at large.

Who It’s For:
  • Change-makers
  • Healers
  • Yogis
  • Visionaries
  • Empaths
  • Anyone wanting to learn & live ayurveda, heal their life & pass it on
 Your Transformation Includes:
  • Learn ayurveda step-by-step
  • Anchor into the daily nurturing routines, foods & spices of Ayurveda & Yoga 
  • Gain the knowledge, life-skills, & ongoing support you need to actualize your dharma
  • This is YOUR PROGRAM!  
 What’s Included: 
  • Complete Ayurveda Health Coach training PLUS a 
  • Complete Life-Coach Training all-in-one
  • Thru the lens of Ayurveda
Now is your time to receive the kind of ongoing training and support you need to take your health, life and career to that next level. It’s time to bridge the confusing gap between where you are currently and what you sense is possible for your life.

Traci is a long time student of our beloved Vaidya Mishra whose lineage knowledge she joyfully and respectfully passes on in all of the Ayurvedic Living School‘s programs & workshops. A portion of your proceeds will support Chandi Co and SVAyurveda Operations.
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