Health & Food Fads with Divya; Study SVA with Traci – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter June 25, 2020 – #24, Vol 10

Health & Food Fads: an SVA Perspective
In this episode of the Jivanam Ayurveda podcast, covers Divya Alter. Divya, a long-time student and Vaidya Mishra & SV Ayurveda, is an acclaimed Ayurvedic cook, author, yogi, and the founder of Divya’s Kitchen in the LES, and Bhagavat Life – an organization dedicated towards authentic culinary education. In this episode we talk about Divya’s journey living in Bulgaria in her teens discovering yoga & spirituality, her battle with illness, journey to India and becoming a cook. She shares how we can begin healing through foods, a shares some of the principles of the SV Ayurvedic tradition. We discuss current modern health fads in relationship with behaviors (eating habits), diets, and beliefs around food / nutrition / health. She shares essential kitchen do’s and dont’s and how we can optimize our experience of life through our relationship with nature and food. It was a beautiful & dynamic conversation that we pray helps you in your own healing and vitality. Please do all you can to appreciate and support @divyaskitchennyc which is hands down the tastiest and most nutritious cuisine available in NYC, @bhagavatlife and @divyaalter

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