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Happiness, Consciousness, and Your Doshas
By Bonita Carol, M.A. Counseling,
SVA Practitioner
What advice does Ayurveda offer us for mental health and happiness? Can Ayurvedic protocols help reinstate that elusive state of happiness? Does Ayurveda have deep insights into why happiness eludes so many so much of the time? From the get-go, we can say in all confidence that the Ayurvedic approach is an integrative approach. That means: it takes into consideration every aspect of the individual and addresses all levels as a whole: mind, emotions, physical body, subtle body, environment, as well as “The Self” – the being level of life itself. And this larger holistic frame already carries the promise of a solution – if not many solutions since there are many more reasons things can go off, and many of them can be addressed on different levels. Ayurveda supplies us with a greater understanding of human mechanisms and offers varied tools. 
In this first part of my article, I will explore “mental health” issues in the light of the ancient writings of the ayurvedic sourcebook, the Charaka Samhita, as well as in the context of Vaidya Ramakant Mishra’s teachings – an eminent ayurvedic scholar and teacher. In the second installment, I will introduce Vaidya Mishra’s SVA understanding of “ojas” in its role for mental health and happiness. In the final and third installment, I will offer practical SVA tools and protocols that I’ve personally used successfully with clients to help reinstate emotional balance.
Root Causes of Mental Health Imbalances According to Ayurveda:
Pragyaparadha or the “Mistake of the Intellect”
Happiness, according to the vedic sourcebooks, is not what we take it to be in modern terms! It’s a state of inner well-being that does not depend solely on external factors (health, comfort, etc), but rather derives from a sense of identity. We either know and identify ourselves with who we are at the core, or we mistakenly mis-identify ourselves with that which we are not! That misidentification is the root cause of our misfortune and unhappiness! 
Succintly put in ayurvedic terms, that is “pragyaparadh.” Pragyaparadh is that state of the mistake of the intellect from which a sense of existential malaise, or an overall feeling of being ill-at-ease with oneself flows. 
You are NOT who you think you are – What?  
 In this context, the Ayurvedic approach to the pathogenesis of disease and mental suffering takes on new light and opens up new avenues for approaching the problem of unhappiness. Viewed as the Charaka Samhita presents the root cause: life as experienced within the limitations of the parts, leaving the individual unaware of the whole (Brooks, J. p.89), allows for new approaches and strategies. 
Psychologist, Satya Prakash Choudhary (2013) echoes this sentiment: 
“If one is possessive of true knowledge (sat), then one understands the unity in everything, the oneness of the Self and Universe, and hence, does not suffer from the afflictions of the ego. The erroneous belief of an individual as a separate being… arises out of ignorance.”
In a sense then Pragyaparadha a form of memory loss. We have forgotten who/what we are at the core. What our essential being consists of. According to the vedic sourcebooks, our “true identity,” our Self, transcends ordinary awareness. In the daily humdrum of events, we have forgotten who/what we are and have identified ourselves with the mundane superficial aspects of life, hijacking the deeper levels of awareness of being. Being, or the big Self is invisible but is at the basis of all that is visible. At the level of the intellect, through the five senses, one gets drawn into the material outer world of living, work, family, leisure, conflicts, and the problems of everyday reality. The individual is over-identified with sensory experience and temporal life. In my experience of growing up in and practicing Ayurveda in modern culture, there is not much acknowledgment of this essential Self or being and a pronounced focus of doing and accomplishing as being building blocks of a social and individual identity. 
Psycho-physical Expression of Mental Health Imbalances: The Doshas
The doshas manifest as mind–body types and form the subdoshas located in various organs and systems within the individual. Mental health issues caused by or deriving from physiological imbalances are understood and interpreted in the light of subdoshas. 
Subdoshas connected to depression. In the ancient Ayurvedic sourcebook, the Charaka Samhita, we read: hridaya chetana sthanam (Mishra, 2002, p. 2). Vaidya Mishra translates this verse as follows: hridaya is the heart, chet is consciousness, and sthanama means located/placed. He transaltes this as follows: consciousness is seated in the heart. This means that the mind and heart are intimately connected, since the heart is the dwelling place of consciousness. It also indicates that the sadhaka pitta subdosha that governs the heart, is responsible for processing/digesting emotions (2002, p. 3).  Vaidya Mishra said:
The main cause of depression is the lack of ability to process emotions in a timely fashion. Some people are able to process an emotion quickly, which means they are able to let go of it and move on with their lives. For others, the processing or “cooking” of thoughts is slow so the negative impression remains with them for a very long time and this impacts their current thoughts and emotions, resulting in depression (p. 3). 
Vaidya further explained that the agni, (fire) or metabolic mechanism associated with sadhaka pitta is responsible for the cooking or processing of emotions. The health of sadhaka pitta processes affect the metabolic processes or agni in every cell of the body, as well as the agni associated with each subdosha. The sadhaka agni of the heart is related to neuro-hormones. The neuro-hormones located in the heart send signals to the brain to register depression or happiness (Mishra, p. 3). In this sense, and following in the footsteps of Vaidya Mishra’s lucid exposition of the cryptic ancient ayurvedic texts, addressing and taking care of the sadhak pitta imbalance can help reinstate that original state of total happiness and obliterate that “forgetting” of our original true nature, our core Self. 
An individual can be born with low sadhaka pitta and agni levels are unique to each person. Agni can also become low due to emotional and physical trauma, poor nutrition, environmental pollution, and digestive problems. If low sadhaka agni continues without being corrected for a long time, it can lead to clinical depression (Mishra, p. 3), with symptoms such as the inability to enjoy normal pleasures and even bipolar disease. The solution, from an Ayurvedic perspective, is to offer procedures to increase agni and nourish sadhaka pitta, which are discussed in Part Three of my article (coming soon) for remedial interventions.
Subdoshas connected to postpartum depression. According to Mishra, (2002), after a baby is born, prana subdosha of vata dosha is aggravated and the digestive fire, or jataragni, is decreased to a very low point due to the exertion caused by birthing. This can lead to fluctuating emotions such as anxiety and depression. Ayurveda offers specific diet, daily routines, and massages that increase the agni to help process both food and emotions (Mishra, 2002, p. 7). 
Subdoshas connected to anxiety 
Anxiety is caused by many factors contributing to excess vata, which can be felt in one’s pulse in the subdoshas as apana and prana vata comprised of irregular movement of air and space. Vata’s imbalanced qualities are frenetic, dry, cold, unstable, and changing. Excessive vata shows up in the body as constipation (dryness), poor digestion, fatigue, and restlessness. It can present itself in the mind as disorganization, forgetfulness, anxiety, phobias, insomnia, and insecurity . If it is not corrected, vata can continue to increase and may turn into mania, anorexia, attention deficit disorder, and other learning problems.
   Behaviors that contribute to increased vata are excess stimuli such as overindulgence of internet games, excess cold foods, irregular schedules, excess travel, excessive exercise, and excessive sexual behavior. More serious vata imbalances can results from: trauma, car accidents, fasting, eating disorders, lack of sleep, drug abuse, exposure to constant unpredictable behaviors and anything that overwhelms the senses. When vata goes high, pitta dosha gets disturbed and this in turn makes kapha dosha go out. The way to address this problem is to offer lifestyle recommendations, SVA herbal synergies, Ayurvedic hands-on treatments and diet that will help reduce vata and balance it, all in conjunction to counseling.  
In the upcoming sectino of this article, I will discuss the SVA perspective of “ojas” and “ama” and their role in emotional balance and mental health.
to be continued
Bonita Carol offers Holistic Psychotherapy and SV Ayurveda as adjunct therapy for personal growth, the Highly Sensitive Person, Sleep, Anxiety, and Trauma Disorders. She holds a masters degree in Counseling Psychology and has studied with Vaidya Mishra since 1997. Online Sessions are available as well as in person 2-Day Rest and Rejuvenation Weekends. You may reach her at (530) 401-8627. www.ayurvedahealthcoach.com

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