GOOOOOD VIBES with ADITYA; Vaidya LOVEFEST; plus SVA Healing Sounds; – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter July 30, 2020 – #29, Vol 10

All those of us who had the great fortune of knowing him or discovering his knowledge, celebrate Vaidya Mishra 24/7 365 days a year – we bask in the sunlight of his knowledge, the prana of his products, and his incomparable ayurvedic insights and deep wisdom. Below is a screen shot of testimonials we receive almost daily. You can’t make up such stuff!
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Goooooood Vibrations with Aditya Prakash 
~ save the date – August 15, 20
Vaidya Mishra LOVED carnatic virtuoso artist Aditya Prakash. He used to call him “my Brahmin boy.” Aditya and Vaidya recorded many albums of Ayurvedic Healing Sound together (you can find them all on Carnatic music, for those of us who are not familiar, is as close as it gets to “primordial vedic sound” – the original vibrational frequencies that resonate at the core of our being, as modern quantum physics has now shown. We are made of sound frequencies. And just like anything else under the sun, these frequencies can go off. When they resonate at lower vibration, then we may experience ill-ness or dis-ease that eventually materializes as symptoms. Listening to “vedic” sound or music is an excellent practice that is both enjoyable and healing – vibrationally!

Carnatic music is as old as time, and its repertoire of songs is almost completely dedicated to stories, attributes, and elements of creation: Devata-s and their cosmic and earthly activities. Listening to classical carnatic music is not just an entertaining cultural activity, but it has a deep soothing settling impact on the nervous system and entire mind-body-heart complex. Specially when performed by talented and accomplished artists such as Aditya Prakash. Now you can experience it all from the comfort of your home, specially during these trying times, when we ALL need MORE GOOD GOOD GOOD VIBRATIONS – to quote the Beach Boys!
We invite you to attend Aditya’s first online Carnatic concert. Here’s a message from Aditya: On August 15th at 7:30pm PST, I’ll be heading over to the Joe Goode Performance Theater in San Francisco to meet in person with my team of musicians – Shiva Ramamurthi on violin and Rohan Krishnamurthy on percussion to make some music together! We will be performing the first live-stream Carnatic concert that’s taking place from a state of the art theater with professional lights, sound and it will be streamed to you LIVE in full cinematic 4KUHD video and surround sound! Buying a ticket for this event would support me and my team of musicians, arts organizations such as Navatman to continue curating events like this, and performance spaces, all who have been significantly hit due to COVID. Plus we promise to give you an entirely new live-streaming experience – Navatman is planning Drive East in a way that will create (as close as possible) the feeling of being at the concert!
I hope you can be a part of this one of a kind event, and I urge you to get your ticket soon as the festival is limiting availability to 120 guests. Myself and Shiva would be grateful to have the support of our SIMA community…

Healing Sounds with
Vaidya & Aditya –
accompanied by Sheela Bhringi
Calm your mind, soothe heart, and settle your nerves, with the full set of body and organ mantras. Vaidya Mishra recorded these with Aditya Prakash’s original compositions. You can chant along or just play them 24/7 in the background in your home or office to create a peaceful harmonized environment. We all need more of that specially nowadays!

We had our final live-streamed session on April 30: we covered specific formulations for SVA Marma Therapy and delved into additional related topics. It was a fabulous final live session, and we were all sad to conclude this portion of the course. We all look forward to when we will be able to get together for our practicum weekend and practice our newly acquired skills. Until then, we will be staying in touch via our virtual classroom and communicating via messenger.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at:, or call us: 1.818.709.1005

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