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Chemtrails-What’s the SVA Perspective?
We frequently receive questions from all over the globe about different aspects of health. Here’s a question we received yesterday from Leah W. in Philadephia: “I’m also wondering about Chem trails. Did Vaidya ever talk about them and protection from whatever they are spewing the air?”
What are “chemtrails”? Many are proponents of the chemtrail conspiracy theory based on the belief that long-lasting condensation trails (chemtrails) consisting of toxic chemical or biological agents are left in the sky by high-flying aircrafts, sprayed for nefarious purposes undisclosed to the general public.While Vaidya did not address the question of chemtrails specifically, and whether or not you believe it’s a fact or a conspiracy theory, here is the bigger picture, in SV Ayurveda terms: chemtrails, as well as any other man-made toxic fumes or emanations fall under the category of Gara-visha or slow poisons. Here is yet another priceless example of Vaidya Mishra’s brilliant use of ancient ayurveda to modern conditions. There were no toxic external chemicals in Carak’s time or when the ayurvedic sutras were being assembled. So how can we address this modern phenomenon with ancient remedies and protocols? Let’s look at the actual use of the term “gara-visha” in the ancient texts. Gar(a) means “slow” and vish(a) means poison as already mentioned. Garavisha is thus a slow poison in the sense that it is a substance whose toxic action reveals itself after an extended period of time and not immediately. In ancient times, the ayurvedic healers coined this term to refer specifically to slow poisons external to the body, such as those carried by some animals and insects. Vaidya Mishra, through his SVA expertise, extends this original definition of garavisha from the ayurvedic shastras or texts to encompass our modern concept of xenobiotics – from xenos (Greek for foreign) and bio (living organism). 
Xenobiotics & Garavisha 
The ancient concept of garavisha, as Vaidya Mishra explained, can help us deal with the modern phenomenon of xenobiotic toxicity or chemical compounds that our bodies are exposed to in this day and age. Xenobiotics, as the root of the word indicates, are elements that foreign to our bodies, as in not produced by our own bodies. They are external and externally acquired in the sense that our bodies do not “produce” garavisha – just like our bodies are said “produce” ama or amavisha as the result of poor digestion and poor dietary habits. Rather, garavisha toxins enter our bodies from the environment. In this sense, garavisha is an exogenous toxin, a poisonous substance that enters our body from outside. For example: chemically manufactured drugs (medicinal or recreational); environmental compounds or pollutants such as synthetic pesticides; herbicides; industrial pollutants and preservatives that are nowadays commonly used in personal care products such as: SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate as a foaming agent in shampoos and body soaps); Parabens (an industrial preservative used in facial creams and body care products); synthetic scents in air diffusers and laundry soaps; synthetic flavors in food items; and coloring agents found all across the spectrum of food and external skin products; etc. All these are not found in nature, they do not grow in nature, but are rather lab manufactured and derived. Their primary property is to be insiduous, literally: they proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, and with harmful effects.
Xenobiotics enter our body insidiously, silently, without our being aware or feeling discomfort or anything. They enter our bodies when we inhale synthetic fumes; or they transdermally cross our blood barrier when we apply them on our skin, or touch a surface that carries toxic chemicals; alternatively, they result from the oral consumption of synthetic chemical products or products that contain synthetic elements – flavorings, preservatives, etc. They can also ooze out from plastic and/or aluminum containers that are heated in our kitchens. Or from non-stick pots and pans. Second hand smoke or other toxic fumes from wall paint etc are also a good example. Vaidya explained that Garavisha molecules are too small and foreign for the immune system to process, so they get to sit around in the physiology and cause slow but long term damage on a micro-cellular level, eventually resulting in chronic ill-health.
There’s growing awareness about the dire health repercussions of xenobiotic toxicity. However, we are still a long way from eliminating and cleansing our lifestyles from toxic chemical contamination. So what to do? Are we to walk around in oxygen masks in order to protect ourselves?!!
First off, we do not need to wait to get sick in order to detox garavisha. Vaidya Mishra taught us and recommended safe and effective daily detox for optimal well-being. Our bodies naturally initiate detox on a daily basis! Through our evacuatory organs (daily urination and bowel movements), but also through our skin (sweating). But in addition to this, since garavisha is harder on the body to detox, obviously the immediate thing to do is discontinue the use of or exposure to toxic chemicals and products starting with self-care products: soaps, toothpaste, shampoo, perfumes, hair dyes, shaving products, laundry detergents, dishwasher liquids, general cleaning products, chemicals and dyes in our transportation systems or the environment we work in; preservatives in our food, etc. Keep a healthy diet and exercise routine to support daily elimination. And when you are on top of this ayurvedic regimen, then you can optimize things by adding special divine herbs to your protocol. 
Vaidya Mishra specially formulated a slow-toxin detox tea, called “Garavisha Tea” to help bind and evacuate toxic molecules of garavisha that we willy-nilly ingest since we are exposed to xenobiotic molecules in so many aspects of our daily lives in this day and age. 
In this detox tea:
Guduchi: will re-establish molecular intelligence and support the body to identify and eliminate toxic micro-molecules; 
Indian sarsaparilla will eliminate the fat soluble toxins by supporting the intelligent functioning of the fat metabolism; 
Neem will activate the detox process and support the immune system; 
Basil will support the body’s immunity to help ward-off any detox crises and nourish tissues supporting the production of ojas – the finest substances of post-digestion that nourishes the neutro-transmitters ; 
Marshmallow root will lubricate the channels to protect from the toxins, as it also coats the toxins to contain their reactivity while they are evacuated through our detox pathways; 
Peppermint will help maintain the channels open so as to facilitate toxic evacuation; 
Slippery elm will supply lubrication for the channels as well as support the growth of friendly bacteria to help strengthen immunity; 
Coriander will help bind and eliminate virulent toxins such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and more;
Rose will maintain the physiology cool and balanced during the detox process of the insidious and highly toxic garavisha waste.
As always and as mentioned above, for optimal results, use this tea in conjunction with the SVA Diet, and/or prep your physiology by stopping the intake of toxic substances or food, or exposure to a toxic environment before initiating detox. 
For more information on the SVA diet, go to: 
Use ½ tsp of tea per cup. Bring to a gentle boil, filter and drink. Drink no more than 2 cups a day, one morning and one evening. If you are already drinking any other personal herbal tea, give 1-2 hours gap before consuming this tea. Or use as directed by your SVA expert. 
This product has not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any known or unknown disease. Individual results may vary. If you have a medical condition, check with your medical physician.

“Why are we offering this course?
The Holiday Season is upon us, Melina and I wanted to  create support for those who are perhaps without their  family members; are mourning the loss of a beloved; or due to unforeseen circumstances, will have to spend this festive season all alone, in solitude. 
We all know that the holiday season can be an emotionally trying time even for those who are not experiencing grief, depression, or solitude! But for those who are, it can reactivate repressed deeply buried memories, patterns, experiences – and bring even greater pain.  As a professional grief counselor, I witness it all the time in my clients. Your loss could have occured 3 months, 3 years, or 30 years ago – all it takes is a song; the smell or taste of food or a perfume; a word; they can trigger an avalanche of buried emotions and make you lose your grounding and revert to unwanted patterns of behavior. 
We will be discussing grief, but also depression – they are different aspects on the same spectrum. 
Both Melina and I will offer practical tools and tips that come from the teachings of our beloved ayurvedic guru and healer, Vaidya Ramakant Mishra, as he spoke and taught at length on this subject matter. 
When Melina met Vaidya Mishra in 1998 and became familiar with his ayurvedic protocols, she discovered the time-tested world of alternative tools (dietary and other) that allow for concrete palbable change in our ability to process and heal from mental and emotional turmoil without having to go through facing and battling the “beast within” analytically in hope of breakthroughs, or other non-viable options. She will share practical easy-to-implement gems from Vaidya’s SVA treasure-trove with you. 
As to me, I used to sit and take notes for Vaidya Mishra during the ayurvedic wellness sessions he offered to clients all over the USA, but specially in Seattle back in the 1990’s. I remember him once saying how Sadhaka Pitta (the subdosha of Pitta that is in charge of processing emotions) was way out of balance in almost every woman’s pulse he touched in the USA! He also added that it was not like that in other countries. He explained that there were many factors contributing to this collective condition, but that much more seems to be expected from American women, and that they were not supported in their relationships here in the USA… Vaidya loved to illustrate his teachings with stories, and he often told the following story to those who were going through grief, or depression…”
Want to hear the story? Join Rose & Melina, and let’s usher in this holiday season in high spirits through SVA community support for whatever you may be going through…. let’s do it together… 

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The Cloud of Unknowing
~ David T Hanson

We are proud to feature renowned photographer David T. Hanson’s beautiful work on our website. David is widely acclaimed for his studies of environmental ruin. In his previous books—including Colstrip, Montana (2010) and Waste Land (2018)—he has exquisitely photographed what we might regard as visual indifference, even devastation, in America’s inhabited landscape.
As a counterpoint to what can only be described as the toxic, he has now made an extraordinary document of sacred, cherished spaces, from Cedar Rapids to Kathmandu. Under the title The Cloud of Unknowing, derived from the expression of a medieval Christian mystic, but equally applicable to the voice of a Buddhist seer, Hanson has redressed the imbalance of corrupted space with places of profound harmony.
In creating this series, he traveled throughout the United States and made seven extended trips to India and Nepal. The photographs grant us access to sacred sites, shrines, “resting places for the spirit,” that transcend religious divisions and suggest a universal point of focus.
From Indian reservations to missionary churches to the temples of the modern world and the ancient, Hanson’s work reveals a realm of contemplation that exceeds geography and survives in the most unexpected corners of contemporary life.

Purchase David’s work directly from the publisher here:
You can also visit David’s website to see his other works and read more: 

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Absorbing this information will instill within you a much greater awareness of all aspects in the SVA Universe and help you to better understand your specific situation, what questions to ask your SVA Practitioner and to discover new products that could deliver a great boost to your vitality. 
If you do download and enjoy any of Vaidyas material, please give us a review to help spread the SVA Knowledge even farther!… Enjoy!!!

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