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For Your Summer!

Summer has less soma and depletes our reserves of soma. For maximum physical, emotional, and mental energy we need good amounts of soma to stay hydrated. Why does pitta go high in the summertime? But what is “pitta”? According to the shastras, pitta dosha is made of fire and water: agni and jal. Pitta dosha is fire predominant, but we also understand that it contains liquid soma to balance its fire out. The fire and water together make up the pita, in other terms, the fuel, needed by the body, t perform its transformations. The liquid fuel that is needed for Agni to run things and transform gross physical material into energy and other forms, that is pitta. Pitta can get imbalanced by having either too much agni or too much soma.
When summer is here, and we are literally closer to the sun, there is naturally more agni in the environment and we lose soma – we sweat it out, it gets burnt out by Agni, etc. So Summer time is pitta aggravating time, specially for pitta individuals. In general, all body types need to take care of their pitta dosha as well, but pitta individuals particularly so, as they receive agni more readily than vata and kapha types.
So it’s important to engage in mentally, emotionally, and physically cool-ing activities – don’t over-exert physically or mentally by exercising or working too hard; replace pungent foods with sweet juicy fruits; take time to relax and replenish under the moonlight or by lakes and bodies of water or in parks and forestsl; etc. BUT more than anything, pay attention to your diet and make sure you are consuming proper amounts of fresh and easy to digest protein – paneer, yoghurt, raw milk, ghee, and chicken or fish if you are not vegetarian. Nothing balances and cools off pitta like a delicious balanced meal with easy to digest protein.
Read more about tips and recipes to keep yourself cool and composed this summer. Click here.

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