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Autumnal SVA Home-Detox 
“The accumulation of toxins in the body is a naturally occurring phenomenon. The body’s metabolic processes yield waste-products on a daily basis. These are known as mala-s: feces, urine, sweat, etc. It is only when these waste-products are allowed to linger, that they become toxic. This is one source of endogenous or internal toxic build-up.” (Vaidya Mishra, 2009)
The transition from one season to another is known as “ritu sandhi” – seasonal transformation – and this is the best time of the year, specially when going from Summer to Autumn, to support the body in a gentle yet effective cleansing protocol or detox. 
Detox, of late, has become the greatest fad in our culture. Drinking or ingesting specific herbal concoctions, coupled with fasting, or other somewhat harsh practices. In this course you will learn that not only can these practices be harmful, but they may cause long term damage, because there is more, so much more to detoxing! Vaidya Mishra designed his detox protocols to aid us off-load toxic accumulation on your own, without having to spend thousands of dollars at detox retreats or centers. SVA detox is done, by you, in the comfort of your own home, safely and effectively. Not only that, but you also learn how not to accumulate more toxic waste by making the right choices on a daily basis. Because there is yet another very important source of internal toxins comes from poor digestion. Replacing toxic foods and habits with healthier ones is easy once you understand the impact they have on your body, heart and mind! In this course, you will learn the “why-how-when” to detox endogenous, or internal, toxic build-up.
But wait there is more! 
“Nowadays, exogenous or externally induced toxins are just as harmful as endogenous toxins. The environment we live in can be highly toxic, starting with the personal care products we use – shampoo, deodorant, etc.; to house-cleaning products; preservatives and chemicals used in dyes; clothing; furniture, etc. Another kind of exogenous toxicity that affects our overall health has to do with EMF overload from cellphones, microwaves, and the overuse of electric devices such as computers, etc.” (Vaidya Mishra, 2009)
Most detox protocols and fads nowadays are unable to guide you into a full body, mind, and heart detox, because they lack the holistic big picture. With this course, you will learn about all 4 possible types of toxic build-up, and how to minimize/eliminate them, and allow your physiology a full reboot. 
You will see how ongoing daily and weekly detox is an essential part of a healthy happy life. In Vaidya Mishra’s words, “proper detox is essential for long-term health and happiness. But proper detox depends on many factors, not just switching to a better diet and exercising! If your detox pathways are damaged or blocked; if the season is not right for detox; or you are currently going through emotional or mental stress; then you may dislodge your toxins without properly evacuating them and they will most likely end up roaming around and damaging organs, organ systems, or even the cellular intelligence of your body, resulting in severe imbalances and eventually incurable chronic conditions.” (Vaidya Mishra 2009). 
We have already quite a few sign-ups, however, many of you unfamiliar with SVA protocols have contacted us seeking some clarification. Here are some frequently asked questions. 
frequently asked questions
What will I learn in this course? 
“ You will learn how there are different types of toxins that carry a different solubility based on their own chemical composition. You will then see how you can evacuate toxins based on their make-up or type, and which channels or detox pathways to use to eliminate specific toxins in an easy, safe, and effective way. You will also learn how it is not enough to detox, but it is very important to nourish: when you detox you eliminate toxic waste that was occupying space. You need to replace that toxic waste that was eliminated by nurturing molecules or particles. Detox and rejuvenation are the 2 strokes of one protocol. Neither is complete without the other. The self-detox protocol outlined [here] has been practically applied by many SVA practitioners and followers across the United States and Canada, successfully, for the past several years. Now you can also learn how to do your own home-detox, minimize the build-up of future toxic waste, and rejuvenate!” – Vaidya Mishra, 2009
I would like a little more detail on what the course contains? 
  1. 1. Foundational principles of SVA: Detox and Rejuvenation – the “what, how, why, when” of self-administered detox!
  2. 2. Learn how to detox from FOUR (not just one!) type of toxins – this is unique to the SVA lineage and designed by Vaidya using source ayurvedic texts. Just understanding the different categories will guide you in making better daily choices. 
  3. 3. Step by step: learn how to identify, address, and dissolve these four toxins in your own body
  4. 4.The nature and role of pathways or detox channels and how to use them to eliminate specific toxins in a safe, easy and effective way
  5. 5.How to protect the channels of elimination by bind the toxins and safely eliminating - this includes the rasayana/rejuvenation steps necessary after toxic waste elimination
  6. 6. Taking off: learn how to nourish and rejuvenate your body 365 days of the year – empower yourself for optimal balance and bliss!
  7. 7. 365 days/year guidelines for dietary and routine recommendations: welcome the new you!
  8. 8. PLUS: how to incorporate spices and herbs safely via transdermal routes or through your cooking: SVA herbs, chutneys, spice mixe recipes. In addition, learn how to use specific herbs through Transdermal application for safe and effective results.
Can I do the detox again on my own after the course ends? 
YES! The course will teach you how to detox on your own anyday anytime of the year – you will learn the fundamentals that you can apply anyday anytime of the year – as well as guidelines for when it’s best to do it! 
I don’t understand how the course is structured?
The group will be meeting for one session per week (60-90 minutes) to share guidelines and knowledge, but your detox will be conducted daily – with online 24/7 support with SVA experts whenever needed. 
I already have a lot of the SVA formulations needed for the detox. Can I attend only the knowledge sessions without having to purchase the formulations again? 
YES! If you already have some or all of the formulations needed for detox, you may sign up solely for the knowledge part. The fee just for the education sessions and support is $488 for all the sessions payable by September September 4, 2019 – $550 thereafter. 
You will also receive:
  1. A Free copy of “Healing the Thyroid with Ayurveda” by Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum – invaluable information about SVA protocols and guidelines that are good for all! Not just for those experiencing Thyroid imbalance
  2. A personal pre-course 10 minute telephone conversation with a certified SVA course instructor – kindly email us at info@prana-center.com to allow us to schedule this call
  3. Live weekly online education and additional 24/7support for 4 weeks Thursday September 5, 12, 19 & 26 from 4-5:30 PST.
  4. Free daily open classroom with chat room support for 49 days. (Usually $10.08 per month)
  5. Course recordings and study materials available during and after the course concludes – up to 8 weeks
  6. 28 SVA detox products pictured above at 20% less than regular prices
  7. Early bird sign-up discount – hurry early-bird expires September 4, 2019
Darshan: Encountering the Divine


Dr Teitelbaum will be speaking at the following 3 locations in September
1) Neem Health and Nutrition Speaker Series presents :Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum, author, “Healing the Thyroid With Ayurveda,”
WHEN: Sunday September 22 at 11:00 am
WHERE: The Field Club of Greenwich, 275 Lake Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830. 
2) Where: Haddonfield Yoga Center in Haddonfield, NJ
WHEN: Sunday September 15,
AT: 12 noon to 2:30 PM
3) WHERE: The University of Pennsylvania Bookstore,
3624 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
WHEN: Monday September 16th at 6:00 PM.

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