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Protect, Soothe, Refresh and Rejuvenate your Eyes 
It’s summer and it’s hot! The increased heat in the environment impacts our bodies and minds. Some parts more than others. Why? In Ayurveda, we read that “Chakchu,” the eyes, are a predominantly “agneya” or fiery organ, characterized by transformational energy. Through the eyes, we not only see, but we also “cook” or transform what we see into information and experience. So the heat of the summer is wont to increase imbalance in agneya organs, such as the eyes. However, there is a lot more than just temperature increase that we should consider. Our modern culture is also very much an agneya or fiery culture, driven by electric and electronic power, bombarding our eyes with information and radiation. Have you noticed how in the past decade, our day-to-day lives, and our health, have become so dependent on EMF devices? Do you ever stop to wonder what that dependence is doing to our bodies?
How it is affecting it, for the better or the worse? And what that might mean for us in ayurvedic terms? Ayurveda is an ancient science, but its pertinence lies in its ability to address our most current problems and health issues. Overexposure to EMF devices and radiation is our most burning (pun intended!) issue in this day and age! 
Ayurveda is as secular as it gets, because it knows that nothing under the sun is inherently good or bad, except that we make it so. It’s all about balance. In SVA terms it is about maintaining a happy marriage between soma, agni, and marut, so that the dosha-s in the body, the regulatory principles of functioning, also maintain a harmonious working relationship. This is the key. 
What does this mean in terms of the health of our eyes in this EMF age? Exactly this: that all agneya aspects of our physiology, the organs that carry more agneya or transformative power (eyes, pancreas, liver, etc), receive even more agni nowadays, and are therefore at a risk of overdosing on agni, not getting the chance to cool off and cool down, and literally burning out! 
You know what this means. We stare at our smart device to read the latest news online – who still reads paperbacks and newspapers? We log into our virtual cloud space to work online; pick up yet another device to attend to work and communicate virtually; eat foods prepared in electric fryers or heated in micro-waves; further relax by watching online shows, or even work-out with online interactive devices! Hours on end staring and interacting with electronic screens and devices that emit heat, electricity, and electromagnetic waves. And disrupting our sleep/activity cycle because of the availability of light/electricity that allows us to stay later than the body would like to. Our physical eyes are not equipped to see it, but all these devices operate by sending out EMF waves, that bombard our organic flesh-and-blood bodies with electronic magnetic micro-waves. Our bodies, and the entire environment, for that matter, is getting an excess of electrical heat and waves. Things are wont to change, and not necessarily for the good given our obsession for more technology. 

What to do? We really have no other choice but to care for our eyes on a daily basis. EMF (electro-magnetic field) and EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) in particular give a lot of extra stress and strain on the physical eyes, especially on the optic nerves. Watching TV and being on the computer for even long stretches of time pollutes the nadis (vibrational channels) of the eyes. The EMF charge of these electronic devices disrupts the flow of pranic energy in our eyes. The corrupt synthetic vibrations of EMF/EMR first impact the vibrational channels of the eyes and then further impact the optic nerves and functioning of the eyes. 
In a nutshell, EMF ‘sucks up’ the soma (cooling lunar vibrational energy) out of the eyes. Soma is the balancing factor for Agni (fire) and Marut (circulating energy). When the soma of the eyes gets reduced, you can experience redness, irritatation, and dryness. Less soma also means the roop (countenance) of the eyes becomes narrower and more constricted in appearance. When circulation is further impaired – the micro-circulatory channels dry up and shrink. If you are not following a particularly balanced diet, if you are delaying sleep, or over-exerting in general, then chances are your eyes will be more prone to losing their luster, look tired, and get puffy. To address all this, let’s look at Vaidya Mishra’s Soma Netra Eye Drops in more detail. 
Soma Netra Eye Drops with Organic Rose  
Vaidya Mishra was personally extremely pleased with his eyedrops. He call this formula Soma Netra Eye Drops with Organic Rose.  He formulated it to cool and pacify alochak pitta and instantly restore freshness to tired eyes. All of Vaidya’s new formulas were inspired by a patient in need. He made these drops for a friend who was having constant dry eyes and eye sties. Nothing he did was working. He was desperate. Vaidya made the drops and gave him a bottle. It worked on his eyes like a charm. Then he sent it out to friends and colleagues and got nothing but positive feedback. They all urged me to make these drops available to all SVA followers. Here’s what Vaidya put in the formula. 
The main ingredient in the eye drops is a seed called ChakchusyaChakchu in Sanskrit means ‘eye’. Ayusha means ‘healthy life span’. Thus, chakchusya (chakchu + ayusha) means ‘which enhances the health and longevity of the eyes.’ 
My drops also contain distilled organic rose petals to support chakchusya. This synergy makes for an even more effective formula, because rose is the best ingredient to simultaneously pacify alochak pitta, vyana vata, sadhak pitta, and prana vata. Rose – The Queen of Flowers

What are the Ayurvedic Benefits of Soma Netra Eye Drops with Organic Rose? 
• Cooling, nurturing, and lubricating for the eyes – immediate and long-term use
• Delivers soma (lunar vibrations) to the eyes to counterbalance EMF and EMR
• Immediately soothes and calms the eyes 
• Helps the eyes flush out accumulated environmental physical and vibrational toxins
• Provides mental relaxation and inner bliss
Let us see what two lines from the Dhanvantari Nighanthu says about Chakchusya:

Cakṣuṣyā‘the seed’. Drk – ‘vision or sight’. Prasādā ‘gives clarity to the vision or sight’.
Himā – ‘cooling’. Kaṣāyā – ‘astringent’. Viṣaṁ – ‘toxins.’ Sthāvarajaṁgamam – ‘environmental toxins’.
To summarize the verse, it says that: this seed (cakṣuṣyā) cools the eyes, helps remove inner and outer toxins, and gives clarity to the vision. 

How to use the Some Netra Drops?
Directions: Place 1-2 drops of the liquid in each eye with the dropper. Keep the dropper away from the eyes. Do not touch to the eyes or any other surface. Repeat as needed one or more time during the day and once before going to sleep at night. (Do not use more than four times per day.) Keep in a cool dry place and avoid exposure to sunlight and extreme temperatures. It’s highly recommended to refrigerate after opening, as we do not using any synthetic preservative which would destroy the pranic energy of the formula. If you do not refrigerate it, make sure you keep it in a cool, dark place. For best results, use this product up to 90 days – maximum – after opening.
Ingredients: Total Soma Netra Eye-Drops (Vaidya Mishra’s proprietary blend) with Chakchusya and Organic Rose in a base of distilled water – all organically preserved with SVA Pranic Preservation Technology.
Caution: Do not use if you have an active infection in the eye, or any known medical condition. Check with your medical first. Do not use if/when wearing contact lenses. May use after removing lenses. 
Children: do not use on children ages 11 and below.

Vaidya also gave us some other effective SVA remedies for your tired eyes. He was addressing eye care through SVA for a long time in his practice. His first SVA product for relieving eye strain, especially caused by EMF/EMR and overwork, was his Herb-Rich Skin Clay. Afterwards he made three more products working on different aspects of eye health through distinct mediums: Triphala Ghee; ALA Cream (Aroma-free); and Ayurvedic Lalita’s Eye Liners.  You can use all of them in addition to the Some Netra eye drops. Here’s each one, and what it can do for you. 

Other Unique SVA Formulations for Total Eye Care
Herb-Rich Skin ClayUsing the computer for long periods of time drains out the soma or cooling energy of the eyes. When you stare at the computer screen, or any other electronic device (TV, cell-phone, tablet, etc.) for long periods of time, you are using up and burning the lunar energy, or soma, of your eyes, your eyes are now left depleted, and the agni of your eyes, further aggravated not only by soma depletion but by overexposure to electronic synthetic agni, gets further aggravated, creating the dark circles around your eyes. One great solution is to make a soothing eye mask with my Herb-Rich Skin Clay to deliver more soma to the eyes and soak up the buzzy EMF vibrations. Here’s how – Skin Clay Mask for the Eyes.

Triphala Ghee: The optic nerve and the eyelids are governed by vata dosha, while the overall lubrication of the inside of the eyelid, and the eyeball are governed by kapha dosha. Vyana vata governs the optic nerve and eyelids, and shleshak kapha lubricates the eyelids and eyeball. So whenever any formula for the eyes is put together, it should first be pitta pacifying, cooling. At the same time, it should not be too cold so as not to aggravate shleshaka kapha and vyana vata. SVA Triphala is cooling and lubricating, but unlike other fats, it is also agneya – it has enough agni or fire molecules which make it an ideal fat that does not freeze our channels like other fats. Triphala Ghee for Tired, Itchy Eyes

 ALA Cream (Aroma-free): Sensitive areas like the eyes, run by alochak pitta, are by nature hot. When circulation to the eyes and nerve extremities in the eyes goes low, cooling but circulation enhancing products such as ALA are ideal. Triphala ghee can be applied on the temples and eye area at night to nourish and nurture. Then, in the day time, you may apply water-based ALA cream. This is a light soothing cream that will help improve circulation in the eye area, particularly helpful for those who work on computers for extended hours, or those who exert their eyes extensively otherwise on a daily basis. Learn more about ALA for the eyes and how to give complete marma care for your eyes: SVA Marma Eye Care.

  Ayurvedic Lalita’s Eye Liners: The ayurvedic shastras are filled with different kinds of herbalized eyeliners, called anjan, to support and/or enhance the health and activity of the eyes. An Eeyeliner is a great way to address the health of your eyes on a daily basis, since it is easy to use and apply. Lalita’s Ayurvedic Eyeliner nourishes and moisturizes the eyes by pacifying and nurturing alochaka pita. Coming in three colors, these natural eyeliners will also highlight and bring out the natural beauty of your eyes!  Ayurvedic Lalita’s Eye Liner

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