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EMF is hot agneya energy, and it burns up Soma. Soma, as Vaidya Mishra taught, is one of the “tattwa”s or cosmic components that make up Prana. Without Prana there is no life. But did you also know that Prana full of Soma is YOUR SHIELD against EMF? Watch Vaidya Mishra explain it in this 2 minute excerpt from a course. The “Blissful Awakening” Spray he mentions is featured below.
“Blissful Awakening” is a facial mist that not only smells amazing but carries an herbal synergy of the following divine plants: Saffron, Flame of forest, Devil’s apple, Punarnava, Manjishta, Turmeric, Gotu kola, Bacopa moniera, Nutmeg, Mucuna, Green tea, Ashwagandha, Lemon, Indian Sarsaparilla, Ashoka, Shirish Bark, Sensitive Plant, Sandalwood, Rose, and Jasmine with White grapefruit and purified water.
Rose Milk Bath
a Royal Treatment for High Pitta-s & Hot Summers!
~ by Rose Carol ~
847 636 2744

It’s been really hot of late and I was so pitta cranky and I wanted to get a takradhara treatment which is hard to get anywhere these days, so I decided to give myself a taste of my own medicine!  I learned about the Rose Milk bath from my beloved teacher, Vaidya Mishra who not only developed products but shared royal traditional Ayurvedic treatment instructions. Over the years, I have been recommending this bath to clients who want to come for takradhara but I am not offering it now due to covid. I remember one client who received the bath and thereafter reported that she had “a very profound divine experience, as if Mahalaksmi was invoked, very celestial” she said. So I decided to give myself the treatment, I felt I deserved it. The whole thing is like a ritual ablution of your inner goddess (or god!), as one takes a cup and pours it over the the head and body…I felt so good after. The heat from my body warmed up the milk in the tub so a lot of pitta was released during the treatment, and afterwards I felt so cool and calm and composed in body, mind, and heart. But let me tell you the story behind this unique ayurvedic bath.
In the late 1990s I used to be a full-time PanchaKarma technician in Fairfield, Iowa. I had also trained with Vaidya Ramakant Mishra. Vaidya Mishra was an incredibly erudite versatile ayurvedic formulator researcher and healer, who was able to initiate the dialogue between ancient ayurveda and modern science. In addition, Vaidya’s grandfathers and ancestors were physicians to the royalty of India and had developed many special treatments for the queens and the princesses of lore. He shared generously all this knowledge to all who came looking for it. 

One day, I remember Vaidya Mishra was invited to visit the Radiance Dairy in Fairfield Iowa and I was invited to cover that story in the local newspaper. The cows at this dairy farm are beyond pampered! In addition to great care they listen to Vedic recitations 24/7. Vaidya was so thrilled to visit the dairy farm and witness all the love and care showered on the cows. He got very emotional remembering stories from his childhood and the cows he had grown up with in his village. In the vedic tradition, cows are treated literally like family members. Much like pets in modern culture perhaps. They have their own names, are not only taken care of for their basic needs but are pampered and looked in gratitude for all the divine gifts they give us. Vaidya Mishra was offered some of the Radiance Dairy milk and and it made him even more homesick speaking about what a great rasayana milk was. This Royal Milk Bath treatment instruction ensued from that visit, as we kept chatting and I kept asking him questions. It is such a divine protocol, specially for women and specially for the summer time.  I have added one additional step to his instructions which is to use a big cup to pour the rose milk over the head and body into the bath tub to somewhat mimic the takradhara.  
It’s very easy and relaxing to experience. Are you ready? Here are the steps:
1 Gallon Whole Organic Milk at room temperature. (leave out of refrigerator a few hours or gently heat the milk on the stove.
  • 1 bottle pure rose water
  • a few drops of rose essential oil.
  • Coconut oil or SVA Pitta Massage oil or Garden of Soma Massage oil if you plan to do abhyanga before the bath
  • a cup of fresh rose petals if possible
  • a large cup or pot with a handle on it 
Do your abhyanga and next take a quick shower to rinse off. Then start to fill the tub with luke warm water.  
Sit in the tub and pour the room temperature milk into the cup. Pour the cup of milk slowly over your head and let it run into bath tub. Keep pouring the milk over the chest, the arms, the legs. 

Repeat until the entire gallon of milk is now in the bathtub. Add the cup of rose petals, the bottle of rose water, and rose essential oil to the milk bath.
Continue to fill the cup up with the milk water and pour over head and face. The idea is to cool a hot head. Children can also benefit from this if they are cranky.
Next sit back and relax for a minimum of 20 minutes in order to get the full benefit with your body fully immersed in the tub. If you get cold, add some warm water. This is great to help one fall asleep better in hot weather. 
After you are complete with the bath, collect the rose petals before you drain the tub so they do not clog. Then take a shower and wash your hair so you do not smell like sour milk! Do not use hot water to rinse and wash your hair because it will undo the benefit of the treatment. Use cool or lukewarm water and do not spend too much time in the shower, just enough time to get the job done. 
Enjoy some pitta pacifying tea or hot milk, wear white cotton pajamas and get into bed with some clean cool cotton sheets. Good night!

Ayurvedic Health Benefits of Milk Bathing
 Traditionally, the Ayurvedic Milk Bath is done with all pure milk and no water. That’s about 25 gallons of milk. According to Vaidya Mishra, “milk is a highly intelligent and delicate substance, the molecular structure of milk is unique from all other foods.” He says that any type of alteration destroys the intelligence of the milk. People can not digest milk in modern times due to this alteration – homogenization, creating low fat milk, adding vitamins and storing it for long periods of time. He says that altering the milk in this way alters the molecular structure and it clogs the microchannels of the body. He says that milk that is fresh, organic, non homogenized and raw – if possible -maintains the intelligence of the milk. According to Ayurveda, there is no substance that can compare to milk, it is a unique substance which when used with spices and boiled can be nourishing and balancing to vata and pitta. 
Ayurveda recommends that one boil the milk three times, meaning that you have to let it rise and fall three times using spices such as ginger, black pepper, turmeric, cinnamon and clove. You can also add dried rose petal. Boiling the milk like this and with the spices allows the milk to be absorbed into the microchannels of the body rather than clogg the microchannels.  Cold milk is clogging. The black pepper helps to carry the milk into the channels. The cinnamon helps to balance blood sugar. He also said that you should only use milk from happy cows! Avoid using milk from large factory farms where the cows are often cruelly mistreated. If you can find a small family farm that loves and respects their cows, that would be ideal. Drinking fresh milk from happy cows is the ultimate rasayana. 
Vaidya Mishra was famous for his contribution to Ayurveda with his use of Transdermal products, herbal products applied to the skin and absorbing herbal nutrients into the body via the skin. A milk bath also is transdermal treatment at its best. Your skin will absorb the nutrients through the skin, and will pacify pitta. Here are some other benefits of the milk bath:
  • eases sunburn
  • promotes sleep
  • relieves poison oak and other inflamed skin issues
  • soothes and hydrates the skin
  • reduces stress and calms the nervous system
  • good for dry skin
  • exfoliates skin
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