“Dry Itchy Winter Skin? – Take 2!” – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Feb 14, 2019, #5, Vol 9

Why do we get dry itchy skin
in the winter?
Vaidya taught us well! He explained that even extreme harsh weather conditions can bring some gift for our physiology! No matter the season, it’s always a great time for health! No matter where one lives, perfect weather does not exist all the time everywhere, so we have to learn to make the most out of existing conditions. And it is possible to get great benefit for the skin and physiology out of any climactic condition – given proper self-care knowledge. Every season is beautiful and every season comes with its own gifts! 
When cold weather results in dryness of the skin, it is because the body is not able to support and hydrate the skin internally due to shrunk micro and macro channels. The lipid and water components of the skin get depleted as internal nourishment to the skin is slowed down and sometimes fully blocked. If, in addition to this, external weather conditions are excessively cold and windy, they also deplete and dry up the skin externally. So your skin becomes internally and externally starved for nourishment and lubrication. The best route, in this case is to opt for transdermal nutrients – since the internal pathways are blocked off, support can be more effectively given externally and transdermally! In this scenario, the skin is even more ready to absorb transdermally and get fully hydrated and rejuvenated. Here is a question from a reader that was once sent to Vaidya:
“ I tend to get very dry itchy rashes all over my body in the winter time. I’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to help. Then I applied coconut oil, which is supposed to be very soothing and I got a bigger rash. What can I do? Why did the coconut oil cause a greater rash? Isn’t it supposed to be the best most soothing for a rash?” L-T – Illinois
Vaidya responded: In the wintertime, our physical channels shrink because of the cold. Coconut is not the remedy for this, because we know from Ayurveda, coconut is a “cold” or “shitala” fruit, full of soma. As a result, it freezes the molecules, “shitala” fruit. It is somagenic rather than agneya – it slows and cools down rather than ignites and activates. 
Whether you are vata, pitta, or kapha body type and are sensitive to cold weather, when you apply coconut oil on your body, you “freeze” your already shrunk channels further. Your circulatory channels become more clogged and, and the evacuation and movement of heat in the body, as well as toxins or “mala”s gets even further blocked, and even more accumulated in the skin. For those of us who have amavisha (reactive acidic toxic build-up) and/or garavisha (xenobiotic toxins created from too much exposure to EMF or industrial chemical fumes and preservatives, these virulent toxins get stuck and comes out as rash through the skin, and the coconut oil is not able to pacify them because they are stuck, the cooling property of the coconut freezes and blocks them further. And this is the unexpected result you get: even though you will apply dollops of coconut oil, or any other cooling somagenic oil, to soothe your rash and nourish your skin, you may notice it becomes more dry and itchier! 

So which oil is good to use to hydrate and lubricate the skin in the wintertime, or in cold weather? 
Vaidya put together the ideal formula for extreme weather conditions: the SVA Vata Oil with Magnesium and Vit D. If you have extreme dry skin, you should do self-massage or abhyanga with this oil once a day after warming it with hot water in your sink to a comfortable temperature. If you have medium to dry skin, then you can do abhyanga massage every other day with this oil. Finally, if your skin tends to be less dry or not dry at all, then you can just do abhyanga once a week. 
This Vata oil has a base of organic sesame and grapeseed oils. Unlike coconut oil, sesame and grapeseed oil do not carry a somagenic “freezing” property. In fact, they are known in Ayurveda to have essential thermogenic properties which are known to enhance circulation by unclogging the pores of the skin. These oils are usually used as a base with essential nutrients and minerals in order to deliver nurturing herbs to the skin and the body through transdermal absorption. That’s why the SVA Vata Massage oil carries traces of Magnesium and Vit D3 – essential ingredients we are all somewhat deficient in, in this day and age. You will see how your skin will drink up the oil when you warm it up and apply it on your body, without leaving a greasy residue. The oil is also formulated to calm your nervous system and mind, it is a Vata dosha pacifying oil that will bring in more bliss and relaxation as it lubricates you inside out. Please do not worry about “I am this body type or that body type should I use Vata massage oil or not” because in the wintertime we all get vata aggravated and regardless of your body type you can get benefit from this Vata oil with Vit D and Magnesium, specially in cold winter weather! 

If after using this oil regularly, you still experience dryness in your skin, it means you need more internal unctuousness through your diet. Find out more about the best winter diet and tips. Read our SVA Winter booklet for quick and easy recipes and tips.

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