DIVYA’S KITCHEN –Ayurvedic Cuisine with a Master Chef’s Creative Design

Divya Alter, owner of Divya's Kitchen. PHOTO: Emily Assiran for Observer

Chef Divya Alter opens holistic kitchen, serving invigorating and delicious foods that will help calm your mind and energize your body

New York (December 2016) – Food trends come and go, but preserving your health is ongoing. For this reason (and much more) we are proud to introduce the newest addition to the East Village, an Ayurvedic, lactovegetarian dining establishment, Divya’s Kitchen at 25 1st Avenue, open Tuesday-Saturday from 5PM-10PM.

Brought to you by Chef Divya Alter, cookbook author (April 2017), and co-founder of Bhagavat Life, a non-profit culinary school promoting health, wellness and holistic living to urban professionals. Divya’s Kitchen is the next step in an already entrenched business of Ayurvedic cooking classes, culinary training, and other events. Chef Divya believes that food is medicine, that the way you eat and what you eat can ultimately heal (or hurt) you. She has dedicated her life to spreading the message that ‘food heals’, and plans to inspire the masses with her latest business venture. Divya’s Kitchen is the first ever New York City restaurant rooted in the ancient Shaka Vansiya (SV) Ayurvedic principles. This unique ancient practice takes pride in great tasting, beautifully presented, food that will make you feel great after the meal, during the meal, and beyond.

The ancient Ayurveda texts state that our whole body is built around two things: the food that comes into the mouth and the words that come out of the mouth—both must be healthy and harmonious for the well-being of ourselves and others. I sincerely wish to put the best food in people’s mouths. Healthy food promotes healthy thoughts, conversations, and relationships that ripple into sustaining healthy families, communities, and societies.” Chef Divya Alter


Divya’s Kitchen opened its doors a month ago. The menu features a call to action for the ancient practices of Ayurvedic cooking, appealing to our modern palate. Cuisines range from Italian, Indian, and Fusion, combining the right culinary ingredients to ease digestion and support balance through familiar yet unexpected dishes. Chef Divya encourages us to reevaluate our relationship with food, connecting not just with its taste, but with how we feel after eating. The dishes are pleasing and flavorful, containing the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients. The consumer truly benefits from the use of non-inflammatory, non-acidic, wholesome foods, helping to calm the mind and energize the body. Made fresh daily, the flour, cheese, and almond milk are both high in quality and robust in flavor.

Dishes featured are Lasagna with Broccoli, Carrots, and Spinach, which uses Almond Milk Béchamel instead of dairy milk, simply because it is lighter and less clogging to the body. Divya’s meals are sure to leave you satisfied and invigorated in mind, body, and spirit. The menu features digestive teas to be paired with meals. Sauces compliment each dish, and are be available according to cuisine.


Not only is Divya’s Kitchen a place to grab a meal and enjoy the company of others, it is a place to learn more about the art of SV Ayurveda through your meals and the Boutique Gift ShopThe shop sells SV Ayurvedic teas, spice blends, condiments, detox ingredients, and books.

Divya’s Kitchen treats their kitchen as a place of positivity and love, appreciation for the ingredients, and a sense of gratitude for being a part of it all. All food is prepared with care and blessed with mantras.

Be sure to come and check out Divya’s Kitchen, nestled in the heart of the East Village in Manhattan. With its earthy, and homey feel – equipped with greenery, clay pots and ‘found’ objects from various kitchens of the world, this compelling menu and lifestyle are sure to evoke intrigue in us all.


For additional information visit www.divyaskitchen.com and follow Divya’s Kitchen on their social media IG: @divyaskitchenNYC.



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  1. Finally a place in New York that has a healthy menu I have choices from. Maybe you will open in New Jersey one day. Near the Cherry Hill area Gods blessings to your restaurant

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