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Last week we were happy to announce the long-awaited return of Soma Shakti – a complex synergy of rare and much sought after herbs, processed according to ancient SVA guidelines.  Last week, we highlighted how SVA Soma Shakti formula is a highly balanced formula for deep tissue nurturing and detoxifying for women, as it fully awakens the intelligence of the feminine hormonal and detox systems. This week, we discover how Soma Shakti is also beneficial for the male physiology.

Soma – the nurturing, nourishing, and cooling vibrational power of Nature – is needed just as much by men, especially in this day. We are daily bombarded with Soma-reducing factors, from low pH diets, stress-inducing daily work rhythms, dependence on EMF devices that alter our bodies’ vibrational balance, as well as many other environmental factors that reduce and burn-up Soma in the body.

We asked Vaidya Mishra to share with us why Soma Shakti, as described to him by his Father, Vaidya Kameshwar Mishra, is a daily supplement essential for modern-day healthy living?

He said:

“Before discussing the properties of Soma Shakti, let me say how grateful I am that after a one-year absence this formula is now back in www.chandika.com’s  inventory.  Soma Shakti is a complex formula replete with a wide range of health benefits.  It took months to source and secure a reliable supply of the pure, raw materials that met my SVA standards.  Not only that, the manufacturing process itself is quite lengthy as the raw materials and multiple ingredients must go through several individual and collective processes.  That being said we are pleased and fortunate to have it back in stock at Chandi.  Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum, who most of you already know, is especially pleased to offer Soma Shakti again to her existing patients, who have benefited so much from it, as well as to her new patients.

A rasayana, but also much more! 

Soma Shakti was also a favorite product of my father’s, Kameshwar Mishra, for many reasons. But primarily because it carries the unique ability to enhance ojas in the physiology, along with its other therapeutic properties.  Since interning with him long ago, I have tried to gain greater insight into why Soma Shakti was his favorite rasayana. Ayurveda carries many single and in-combination rasayana formulations. But my father always favored Soma Shakti.  Over the years, in my practice, research, and teaching, I have gained a greater understanding of Soma Shakti at different levels and depth as my knowledge has grown on the ingredients, my patients’ physiology, and the numerous experiential therapeutic uses of this formula.

As mentioned, Ayurveda has a treasure house of different rasayanas (rejuvenators) and each one impacts the physiology in a distinct way. Soma Shakti is no exception.  Many ingredients have rare, specific actions by their own nature, by combination, or the way they have been processed or infused into the formulation.

Because my father used Soma Shakti in over 50% of his patients and was making this formula himself, I learned exactly the quality of raw materials needed to make it, the samyog (combination of herbs) and the samskar (process) required to manufacture this powerful formula.  Making this product has several complex steps, and many ingredients are involved.  Many ingredients must first be detoxified and then infused in very specific ways in different formats at different points of the preparation.

To help you understand the astounding benefits of Soma Shakti, I am trying to recall as many questions as possible that I asked my father during my internship.

1)      “What is the difference between the classical rasayana, Chyawanprash, and Soma Shakti?”  My father said: “Chyawanprash is truly a great rasaysana; but to get full benefit a person needs great, or at least moderate, agni, or cellular metabolic power. Soma Shakti, on the other hand, is Sarva Agni Vardhini.  It has the power to increase and sharpen all 13 agnis of the body as well as dehagni, cellular digestive power. I often use both formulas together for a patient to boost their immunity.”

2)      “Who should take this formula?” He said:  “Almost all our patients need it to boost their immunity, and keep their metabolic fires running well.  In addition, I often give Soma Shakti to people with chronic skin conditions (auto-immune problems) where immuno-corrective (vs immuno-boosting) herbs like manjishta and daruharidra are typically prescribed.   The reason is that Soma Shakti can simultaneously boost immunity even while correcting it, because it contains chiretta, guduchi, turmeric and daruharidra (immuno-correctors) and coriander (removes toxins via the urinary system.)  Triphala in the formula will soothe the cellular system from auto-immune response.  The yava kshara (barley ash) is pro-diuretic, sweeping out toxins through the urinary system.  Cassia fistula and guggulu provide deeper detox power to the formula.  Soma Shakti also contains pure shilajit – a powerful rejuvenator for men and women.  This formula is the best way to take shilajit, as shilajit taken alone may be too heating.  Not only that, you have to be extremely cautious about where your shilajit comes from.  All too often, what is passed off as shilajit is nothing more than odorized tar.  My shilajit is 100% pure from the Himalayas.  All in all, Soma Shakti is a very balanced formula able to modulate the immune system and provide deep detox without overwhelming the immune system.

3)      “How – and Why – can one formula increases all agnis, yet keeps them totally under control (not going too high)?”  For that, let us look at specific ingredients.

·         Camphor root: sharpens the flame in a balanced way.  Very aromatic but unlike camphor crystals, the root has more soma.  It increases all agnis in a slow, balanced, sustained way.

·         Cyperus:  This will sharpen the agni of apana vata.  Apana agni supports the intelligent absorption of nutrients in the colon.

·         Chiretta and turmeric: Support the bhutagni, or 5 flames of the liver, in a balanced way.

·         Guduchi: provides perfect intelligence to all agni-s (flames) by supporting the transformational intelligence of the gaps.

·         Long Pepper, gajpiper, ginger, black pepper: These support all agni-s but primarily the dhatu agni-s of rasa, rakta, mamsa, and medha.  This is very important because these dhatu-s accumulate the most toxins.

4)      What are its other therapeutic uses?  Soma Shakti has the best broad-spectrum sothara, anti-inflammatory action through samyog (combination) of guggulu, shilajit, and guduchi.   A high content of shilajit also gives it a shukrala property – able to instantly increase the quantity of shukra (reproductive tissue).  I also use this formula to treat osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis.  Not many formulas can manage both: For osteo- (bone depletion) I use it with praval pishti (found in my Soma Cal formula.)  Soma Shakti is ideal for nearly everyone because it is a highly balanced and pro-alkaline formula.  It is so rich in soma, along with the high concentration of nutrients from the ingredients, that it transforms that soma into ojas readily. Ojas is the primary element in our bodies that boosts our immunity.

5)      What organs and organ-systems does Soma Shakti support? Soma Shakti balances high ranjaka pitta in the liver while concurrently modulating (normalizing) the flame of the bhutagni-s.  It also works on the pachakagni of the stomach, increasing the flame by cleaning the burner (gap) which controls the flame, thus, balancing and normalizing digestion.  Furthermore, it rejuvenates the ovaries, uterus, testicles, prostate gland, and the entire genito-urinary tract of men and women through its unique combination of shilajit, guggulu, and bambusa bambos.  The kidneys also receive great supportive effect by the yava kshara and Saji Khar.

6)      A physical body rejuvenator, or more?  Because Soma Shakti is a great formula that enhances the production of ojas, there are two additional immediate benefits:

a) it supports the immune system; and b) helps manufacture neuro-transmitters. One supports the body; the other supports mental energy, creative thinking, and clarity.  In this day and age we are surrounded by several hetu-s (etiological factors) that rapidly deplete our ojas.  According to Carak, the central textbook of our lineage, four things in particular ‘burn’ ojas.

·         Stress (chinta):  We have to handle stress by minimizing it where possible even as we increase our capacity to handle it.  Meditation, we know, helps us immensely. (Vaidya adds here: you can use ayurvedic formulation such as my SVA Stress-Free Oral Mist to help calm the mind and increase stamina to handle stress; you can also increase the flow of prana to the body by swiping Flex ‘N Flow Cream top to bottom on your spine, or at least on your lower back, several times per day).

·         Over exertion (ativayam):  Too much exercise or physical labor to the point of exhaustion (atisram) rapidly depletes ojas.  Exercise to only fifty percent of your capacity.

·         Improper fasting (atilanghan): Ayurveda recommends fasting be done only by certain people, in certain seasons, following specific protocols.  When done improperly, ojas and immunity may be depleted.  The concept of atilanghan also includes skipping or delaying meals.  Advise your patients to eat their meals on time.

·         Excessive sexual intercourse (atimithun):  Like everything else in Ayurveda, sex has a right time, place, and frequency.  Soma Shakti can be very useful to help replenish the ojas lost through over- or improper indulgences.

7)      Who Should Not Take Soma Shakti?  My first precaution is that kids under the age of ten, and pregnant women should NOT use Soma Shakti.  Everybody else can use it, and, in fact, should use Soma Shakti, especially to help fight infectious elements in the environment, flu season etc. It is also good to take if you dealing with a pre-existing infection (cold, sinus, etc).  Bacteria and viruses ‘eat’ ojas: they get life from our life. They target and lower our immunity. Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 5.05.42 PM

However, if you are already taking anti-biotics, do NOT use Soma Shakti during the course of treatment to avoid potential herb/drug interaction.  Once you finish your cycle of antibiotics, Soma Shakti is great to help you rebuild you immunity and set you back on track. As we know,  anti-biotics also kill the yoginis (friendly bacteria) in our gut, and disturb our agni, resulting in loss of appetite.  Soma Shakti creates an alkaline environment in the colon to help re-establish friendly bacteria and it supports all the agni-s of the tissues and metabolic systems. This is key, specially because we need more ojas after infectious diseases. The regular use of Soma Shakti will help rebuild and maintain our ojas.

For most people, take one tablet after breakfast and one after lunch.  Do Not take in evening, as it may energize and keep one from gaining proper sleep.

Instructions: 1 Tablet after breakfast and 1 tablet after lunch daily. Do not take after 4pm


When using Soma Shakti, it is important to comply with a proper diet – ideally the alkaline SVA diet – and eating sufficient amount of easy-to-digest protein (fresh paneer, lentils, etc). It is also ideal to maintain a good rest and activity routine. Soma Shakti re-awakens and supports all metabolic and detox systems, sharpening the physiology on all tissue levels. If you are not sure whether it is good for you, please consult with your SVA expert and use under their supervision.


The sole purpose of this blog is to provide information about the alternative healing modalities of Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda (SVA) as practiced in Vaidya Mishra's ancestral family tradition. The information contained herein is not intended for use in the diagnosis, prevention or cure of any disease. If you have any serious, acute or chronic health concern, please consult a licensed health professional who can fully assess your needs and address them effectively. Otherwise, for more information, you may call Vaidya Mishra's Prana Center toll free in the USA at 1.888.3CHANDI (888.324.2634). or 1.818.709.1005 globally, or email us at: info@prana-center.com. You may also visit: www.vaidyamishra.com, or www.chandika.com


  1. Dear Vaidya, since there is some Triphala in the formulation of Soma Shakti, should one stop taking triphala daily while using Soma Shakti, or do they work as a good combination? Can Soma Shakti be used daily over a long period of time like Triphala?
    Thank you in advance

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    I would like to purchase this, i was prescribed this by Nicole from New Leaf Ayurveda. Please let me know the price.



  3. Hi, you can see prices for all of our products on our website: http://www.chandika.com – SVAyurevda Customer Service Team

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