Covid Update with Dr T – Support Your Immunity with Mom’s Ghee- your SV Ayurveda Newsletter June 11, 2020 – #22, Vol 10

Update on Covid-19
with Dr Teitelbaum
We are not out of the woods yet, but almost. Recent research coming from Italy and Germany is suggesting that the Covid pathogen may create thickening of the blood caused by the body’s own immune response – it triggers a “cytokine storm” resulting in inflammation which may cause blood clots in the lungs and other sites around the body.
In response, medical experts are opting for anti-coagulants to help prevent this, along with the use of anti-inflammatories to prevent the cytokine storm. All this, possibly, in addition to antibiotics.
Always follow your doctor’s advice if you find yourself in this situation or suspect you may have contracted the virus.
Otherwise, I would like to go over some ayurvedic tips that can help with thickening of the blood, and that might help reduce your chances of developing blood clots should you contract the virus.
First, and most important: cook with olive oil and ghee. The body is able to metabolize and receive nourishment from both, unlike refined vegetable and seed oils, such as canola, sunflower, and soy oils, margarine and artificial fats. When you heat these refined oils for cooking, they harden up and form a compound that is one molecule away from plastic! They thicken your blood and clog your arteries and cause inflammation.
2) Avoid unfermented soy such as tofu, edamame and soy milk as they contain hemagluttinins (they thicken your blood) which predisposes you to blood clotting.
3) Avoid red meats, hard aged cheeses and nutbutters (peanut butter, almond butter, etc) they are heavy to digest and thicken the blood as well.
4) Avoid protein powders such as pea protein and others – again, they are heavy and thicken the blood.
* take zinc bhasma – Ayurvedically prepared to enhance its absorption, as it prevents a cytokine storm;
* expose your skin to the sun as the Vitamin D created can boost your immunity to all viruse;
*Guduchi Satwa can modulate your immune system, which means that it supports your immune system to fight the infection without over-reacting causing a heightened response and subsequent cytokine storm.

*Always eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Lately I’ve been drinking an apple pineapple smoothie (pictured here) as pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme which can not only keep your blood thin but can prevent a cytokine storm as well.
Apples contain pectin which promote bile flow. Our bile clears fats out of our blood, keeping it nice and thinned out.
Here’s the recipe: make 2 cups of fresh pressed apple cider and put in a blender with 1 1/2 cups of cubed pineapple chunks. Blend for two minutes. Drink immediately.
Be careful as you go back out into the world and stay healthy!

We concluded our Spring Detox on a high note with bright detoxers sharing their post-detox experiences and their delight at the delicious SVA recipes Vaidya designed for detox and rejuvenation. We promised ourselves and eachother to maintain healthy daily diet and activity routines, and hoped to re-unite online sooner rather than later. BE ON THE LOOK-OUT FOR MANY MORE SVA COMMUNITY COURSES VERY SOOOOOOOON!

We had our final live-streamed session on April 30: we covered specific formulations for SVA Marma Therapy and delved into additional related topics. It was a fabulous final live session, and we were all sad to conclude this portion of the course. We all look forward to when we will be able to get together for our practicum weekend and practice our newly acquired skills. Until then, we will be staying in touch via our virtual classroom and communicating via messenger.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at:, or call us: 1.818.709.1005

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