Copper Cup Water Anyone?! – with Dr Teitelbaum – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter June 18, 2020 – #23, Vol 10

SVA News & Insights: Copper Cup Water?
with Dr Teitelbaum
Note: We get this question so frequently at the Prana Center – “what did Vaidya say about copper cup water? Why is it not good to drink? How come almost all ayurvedic practitioners recommend it?” Here is a beautiful case history from Dr Teitelbaum on the topic.
Case History: Copper Overload
In ancient Ayurvedic times it was recommended to leave water in a copper vessel overnight and drink it in the morning. My teacher, Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra, advised against it in this modern era due to the fact that most ground water is now acidic (from the acid rain) and the acids in the water react with the copper to make copper sulfate, a potent toxin.
In addition, there is a widespread deficiency of zinc amongst the population which leads to an excess of copper in the blood.
And excess estrogen found in birth control pills can lead to an enhanced absorption of copper.
High copper levels can make you extremely nervous as it can cause too much epinephrine (speed) to be made from dopamine, a neurotransmitter made by your body.
Several years ago I spent a year working with a peri-menopausal woman who was eating lots of tofu to keep up her estrogen levels. She subsequently became extremely nervous, to the point where she could barely function. Her copper levels were through the roof.

I gave her our zinc bhasma (Ayurvedically prepared zinc), as zinc can bind the excess copper and remove it. I had her stop eating the tofu, and gradually watched her nervous system return to normal as the copper levels slowly but surely came down. I learned a lot from this case. I always remembered how the women who are on the birth control pills exhibited a trembling in their hand as I would take their pulse. I saw this on numerous occasions and knew there must be something in the pill which caused their nervousness and shakiness.
I had read that the pill lowers the B vitamins, which can make you nervous, but I also found out that the high levels of copper they were absorbing (from the estrogen in the pills) was stimulating their nervous system, in much the same way as copper is used to conduct electricity, it can also increase nerve conductivity.
I give this case history as yet another warning to all young girls on the birth control pill who are beginning to feel nervous and they don’t know why.
As if you need another reason to stop taking this very dangerous drug as it destroys your friendly bacteria in the gut, paving the way for food allergies and digestive upset, causes lots of breast cancer, upsets liver function leading to autoimmune diseases.
And it is famously known for thickening the blood, causing dangerous blood clots and strokes. This would NOT be something you want to be taking with the Covid virus running rampant in our society, which is also known to thicken the blood causing blood clots.
If you are taking the pill I would ask your doctor if it would be a good idea to switch over to other birth control methods which aren’t hormonal in nature, such as various barrier methods.
I have learned a lot seeing patients over the last 35 years. I want to share these clinical gems with everyone so you can in turn learn how to prevent needless suffering for yourself, your family and your loved ones.
Yours in SVA Health,
Dr Teitelbaum
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