Cold Hands & Feet? Marma for Self Care plus Celebrate Vaidya on April 13th! And more! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter March 14, 2019, #9, Vol 9

What will you learn in the Fundamentals of SVA Marma Course on April 12 and 14th?
  • What is SVA and what makes is such a potent tradition of ancient Ayurveda?
  • What is the role of Prana in the universe and in our bodies and how can we harness it?
  • How is Prana connected to the doshas?
  • What is the relationship between Prana and Marma?
  • Which Marma points can you address daily to reduce stress and maintain emotional stability and mental clarity?
  • What is Samadhi Marma?
  • What is Vibrational Massage?
  • Prana in relation to EMR/EMR
  • What is the Transdermal Marma System?
  • Facial Marma for daily self-care
AND much more!

Cold Hands and Feet?
It’s almost Spring but not yet! Many of us are still experiencing poor circulation along with cold hands and feet. Staying warm even though temperatures seems to be slowly growing milder is also a problem! In addition, you might be feeling hot inside but still have cold hands and feet underneath those heavy socks and layered gloves!
Slow or Poor Circulation
Vaidya taught us that whenever temperatures drop outside in the environment, circulatory channels inside the body shrink. In fact, all of the various kinds of shrotas (physical channels) in the body shrink.
It’s an established biological fact that blood pressure goes up when you go outside in cold weather. There are little constrictor muscles in the blood vessels which narrow the circulatory channels when it’s cold, causing blood pressure to rise. Modern physiology confirms the same effect described in the ancient Ayurvedic texts: physical channels shrink in the cold.
But there’s more to constricted channels than just cold weather! If your channels remain shrunk even when it’s not that cold, or when your inner core is hot, you need to correct the balance in your body.
Many things contribute to shrunken channels: stress, age, EMF (electromagnetic fields), eating specific “nightshades” (potato, tomato, eggplant, bell peppers); onion; garlic; (large) bananas; winter squash; and lack of exercise too!
How do you unblock channels then? How do you keep things circulating optimally, as as well as alkaline (free from inflammation), and how do you maintain the “intelligence” of your circulatory channels?
Here’s How!
The most important thing you can do for your channels is to avoid food that clogs or inflames them. The nightshades, onion and garlic all block the nadis (vibrational channels) and inflame the shrotas (physical channels). They lower the body’s alkalinity by making it acidic and this eventually results in dryness, roughness, blockage, and/or rupture. Winter squashes, large beans, soy, and bananas – all clog the physical channels. If you avoid these foods, your battle is halfway won.
Yoga and exercise are key to improved circulation. 
And then you can get support from some of Vaidya’s unique formulations that contain herbal synergies that support, improve and alkalize the channels. Such as: 
Sancharan: Opens Your Shrotas (Physical Channels)
Available both as a transdermal cream and as a body mist, Vaidya Mishra’s Sancharan supports overall circulation by enhancing thermogenesis. The unique blend of herbs gently warms the tissues, opens the shrotas (physical channels) and balances vyana vata, which governs overall circulation.
Within minutes you may feel warmth in your hands and feet and all over. When overall circulation improves, the hands and feet (extremities) warm up too!
Use Sancharan Body Mist during the day when you need fast action. It is water based and won’t leave an oily film on your clothes. Spraying on your legs, feet, and hands when needed.
Use the Sancharan Transdermal Cream at night when you need sustained release, and when you have time to gently massage the cream in to support added circulation.
Super Sport: Opens Your Shrotas AND Nadis (Vibrational Channels)
Equally as important (actually more important) than the physical channels are the subtle vibrational channels, called nadis. These narrow down when we are stressed or exposed to too much EMF, or again when we eat onion, garlic, and nicotine containing nightshades like tomato, potato, bell peppers and eggplant.
When the nadis are blocked or shrunken the intelligence in the body cannot flow. This disturbs the physical channels too. Stress first affects the nadis but ends up causing the physical blood vessels and other channels to shrink as well.
Super Sport Body Mist is a great way to support both the shrotas and nadis (vibrational channels) and get prana (intelligence of nature) flowing in the body again. When your vibrational channels are blocked, you feel tension, pressure, or even pain. SuperSport can help release this blocked energy almost instantly. When the nadis (vibrational channels) are clear, it’s much easier for the shrotas (physical channels) to open and deliver the heat of the body to the extremities. Like Sancharan Body Mist, carry Super Sport Body Mist with you during the day and spray it on your legs, hands, and feet before going out in the cold. You can spray it on your neck and shoulder areas to release tension and muscle tightness as well. 
Super Sport Transdermal Cream is great to use right before going to bed, because it slowly releases its herbs and lasts throughout the night. Apply it to your lower legs and feet, and if you need it, to your arms and hands as well. It not only relieves tension in the body which prevents good sleep, it also helps keep your feet warm all night long.
Flex’n Flow: Flex ‘n Flow picks up where Super-Sport leaves off! 
Almost fiften years ago, Vaidya Mishra launched Super-Sport Transdermal Cream and it was an instant success. However, Vaidya Mishra noticed that beyond the need to unclog and support the flow in the nadis and shrotas it was also necessary to support and enhance the interaction between the physical nerves and vibrational channels. This extra action is essential, because the nerves and their synapses are the communicating bridge connecting the physical to the vibrational. The delicate communication between the vibrational channels and physical nerves supports the sophisticated network of the delivery, reception, and interaction of all materials. Flex’n Flow was born! This formula supports flexibility and supplying relief from muscular tension. Many people use this cream to help release accumulated toxins in the muscle tissue that can cause muscle tightness, stiffness, and inflammation. Athletes apply it on their major muscles to increase flexibility and performance; using it post-workout to soothe and relax tired muscles and stiffness and to shorten recovery time. But it can also be used by the weekend warrior or anyone who wants to support their muscle tissue overall and have more flexibility and suppleness.  
Choose from the water-based Body Mist, the cream, the lipid-based Transdermal Cream, or the Roll-on. 
Last but never least, Vaidya bequeathed us the incomparable Tribindu
A multipurpose Classical Formula that not only supports circulation, but can help with body ache, immunity, as well as environmental purification Tribindu – ‘tri’ for three, and ‘bindu’ for drop is originally a classical formula with 3 ingredients: Camphor, Ajwain, and Peppermint. Vaidya brought this ancient formula back, adding another ingredient – Tulsi, or Holy Basil. Instead of using essential oils, Vaidya uses the crystals of these plants for greater purity and potency. Tribindu comes in two SVA variations: with or without Tulsi (Holy Basil).  
What does Tribindu do?  
Tribindu is a natural thermogenic spray that helps unblock the micro and macro-circulatory, physical and vibrational channels, thus supplying more oxygenation to the body. Thermogenesis helps to burn shleshma – the toxic mixture of shleshak kapha and ama. It travels transdermally through the skin to the rasa and rakta dhatus (lymph and blood tissues) clearing them and reinvigorating whenever there is fatigue due to ama, or toxic build-up. Tribindu is especially great for cold weather, when the body’s physical circulatory channels shrink. Simply spraying on a cotton kerchief or scarf and gentling inhaling Tribindu relaxes and opens the channels and supports immunity. Open channels release toxins much more easily and readily. Tribindu can be also be used to ease off tight and sore muscles, stiffness, sprains as well as achy joints.
In India during the rainy season, diseases often run rampant in villages due to the prominence of water and air-born infections. Tribindu contains Camphor, Ajwain, and Peppermint. These ingredients have powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Vaidya’s ancestors used this formula to clean the environment and keep infections at bay, and to strengthen an individual’s immunity. It can also be used to help repel mosquitos and other insects and to soothe their bites. Overall, this ancient formula helps maintain the physiology and the environment free of contaminants, acting a natural deodorizer on many levels. Learn more about Tribindu at Tribindu with Tulsi
11 Uses of Tribindu –
A great safe household remedy to keep close by, rain or shine!
1) Support your sinus pathways and discourage potential bacterial growth in your oral cavity by spraying on a scarf. Then, rap it over your mouth and nose and gently inhale.
2) Create a purifying field of protection: Spray on your couch, pillows, carpet, desk, or just in the air to clean and refresh. You can also use an essential oil diffuser. Squirt 2-3 times into the diffuser water for sustained delivery.
3) Apply a small amount on your feet and massage in: Useful for fatigue, poor circulation, cold hands and feet. 
4) Apply on sore achy muscles before and after exercise to mobilize and evacuate toxic build-up and to support enhanced flexibility
5) Warm-up and increase circulation in cold weather. Apply on your hands and feet before putting on gloves and socks.
6) Ease tension and stress from your neck and shoulder areas. Spray 2-3 times and massage in. You can also use it on your lower or upper back.
7) Spray on exposed areas (not the face) and on clothing to help ward off insect bites (mosquito and others) and soothe itchiness from bites: But do not spray on an open wound or bite.
8) Spray on joints – knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, finger joints, etc. morning and evening to help maintain healthy joints free from toxic accumulation and to enhance mobility. Spray and gently massage.
9) Apply on your nails and fingers after clipping them to ward off potential infection.
10) For relaxation in cold weather, spray a few times into your bath water in the tub.
11) For an itchy throat and at the onset of a cold, spray on your throat area and cover with a scarf. You can also spray on a scarf and then inhale the aroma through the nostrils. (Do not get on face or eyes.)
If you get Tribindu into any sensitive areas (eyes, ears, etc) simply wash off with warm or cold water. It will come off easily and rapidly. 

A Treasure trove
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