Cold Hands/Feet & Foggy Mind? and more! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Sept 9, 2021 – #35, Vol 11

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In Autumn, temperatures drop, a dry wind replaces the gentle summer breeze as the days slowly get darker and colder and the earth travels away from its source of Agni, or the sun. Our body responds to the autumnal weather by shrinking down circulatory channels – shrotas. The shrotas, physical channels in the body, are given immense importance in Shakha Vansya Ayurveda; the Ayurvedic texts say it clear and loud: shroto mayo purusha, “The whole body is nothing but shrotas.” Why did Vaidya emphasize the shrotas for total health?
The shrotas circulate and deliver nourishment; heat; energy; they carry the dhatu-s or tissues; evacuate toxins; and so much more. Only when these channels are open, and free from acidic toxins, can health be optimal. Only when the channels are open and balanced can nourishment reach deep into the body and can toxins be removed completely from the body. Through the SVA diet and protocols you can learn to support your body by clearing your channels, keeping them warm, and clear and free from seasonal accumulation. In SV Ayurveda, we are very careful to maintain the intelligence in the shrotas which helps determine what to eliminate; how much to eliminate; when to eliminate; what to absorb; how much to absorb; where to deliver things to; when to deliver; how much to deliver.

When the weather gets colder, Vata naturally increases. To keep your physiology in balance, try to have lighter nourishing but timely meals; maintain a regular yogic exercise routine; stick to an early rather than late bedtime; do regular self-massage with a good Vata pacifying oil; have some uplifting down-time activities to un-stress from work.
In addition, an easy daily way to keep things running smoothly and efficiently can be achieved with just a cup of tea! Vaidya Mishra has formulated many balancing teas that help in different ways.
Shroto Shudhi tea is idea for the Fall. Not only does it help clean the channels as its name indicates (“shudhi” = clean, “shroto” = channels), but it also warms them up.

The tea targets channels in the body carrying liquid soma (water soluble materials). This tea helps burn ama (partially digested food material) without aggravating amavisha (reactive toxins sitting in the body).
If Shroto Shudhi tea is too much for you, you can start your day with Mom’s Chai Masala. A delicious blend that will gently unclog your channels in the early morning.

We had a full first session with in-depth SVA knowledge, precepts, and recipes yesterday, followed by Q&A. Thank you to all who attended -live. Those who missed it, we will be posting materials by early next week and send out the link to all. Stay tuned. Join us next Thursday for our session with Dr Teitelbaum on additional SVA knowledge for handling the most virulent type of toxicity: amavisha. The session will be followed by Q&A with Dr Teitelbaum and SVA educators.
We are happy to also offer online yoga to complete your Autumn Dinacharya. See more details below.
Wishing you a smooth Autumn transition….

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