Charak Course Pitta Dosha

Due to the generous donation of our sponsors, this two hour lecture is free for everyone.

Go deeply into the knowledge of pitta dosha with Vaidya Mishra reading directly from the most ancient Ayurvedic text, Charak Samhita.

Pitta is the transforming and warming nature of the body.  Everything that gets digested, metabolized, or converted from one form to another is governed by pitta, including food, tissues, and stored energy reserves… even emotions, thoughts and knowledge.

In today’s world, pitta is usually the dosha most commonly out of balance because the world has an overabundance of agni at this time.  Electromagnetic radiation, acidic food and water, toxins in our environment, and a high-pressure lifestyle, that includes a lack of adequate sleep, all contribute to the increase of pitta in the physiology.

Here is what participants on this phone call said about this lecture…

“We completely cherished Dr Mishra’s course on Saturday about Pitta Dosha. He is so brilliant and compassionate. Thank you.”  Joyce and David W.

“I want to thank Vaidya Mishra and all who worked to make the phone meeting on Charak Pitta course possible. I learned much, remembered more and feel inspired to begin reading the Charak books I have had for the past few years. I graduated in the first Kripalu school of Ayurveda class in 2005 and find the philoshopy and understanding has greatly enhanced my work as a clinical herbalist as well as my life. Perhaps one day I can make it to one of the courses you are offering on site.”  Kate G.

Learn what the ancient Charak Samhita says about this important dosha, and learn how to balance pitta dosha in your own physiology.

Download two hour audio file.

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