Calm Your Mind with SVA; plus Vaidya LOVEFEST; – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter July 24, 2020 – #28, Vol 10

Perhaps desperate times do call for drastic measures as the expression goes, and specially now more than ever we seem to be facing such a reality. In the process of adjusting and maintaining a sense of operational normalcy these days, we may feel unduly mentally stressed and emotionally troubled, when we need to actually harness all our mental energy and emotional strength to stay on top of things and be able to “surf the big waves” as Vaidya Mishra so often reminded us. And in such situations, willing ourselves into calm will only aggravate things further, unless you take steps to shift your body’s chemistry, lower your cortisol levels, increase alkalinity, and reset your nervous system to stay cool and composed so you can navigate the hardships with brilliance. Vaidya Mishra made unique powerful formulations that bipass the digestive tract and are thus safe and supply fast results: transdermal creams, trans-mucosal drops, essential oils, water-based sprays, and soaps. Plus sound therapy: a special mantra to help calm the mind and nerves. Play it 24/7 on low volume, or learn the verse and sing along. Try one or all, and discover how SVA offers you a world of ayurvedic remedies to help support us on a daily basis to weather the storm. We got you covered!
we received so much wonderful feedback about the recipes below that we are re-running them! Wishing you MORE BLISS ALWAYS…
2 more delicious recipes with Rose
to be and stay
stress-free this summer

Making preserve out of rose petals is a very old tradition in many cultures – whether in India, in the Middle East, as well as Europe. However, not all recipes and preserves will have a balancing effect. In India, Rose Preserve is very popular and is called: Gulkand. It is readily available everywhere. But it is usually made with white sugar – we know that the consumption of white sugar depletes our bodies of minerals and lowers our pH, so you want to avoid that. Also, many recipes do not use Rosa Centifolia. Other varities of rose have different properties, so you want to be careful when you are purchasing a rose preserve that it was actually made with Rosa Centifolia.
In addition, many times, the recipes use vinegar, or citric acid, as well as synthetic scent or aroma, or color, to enhance the look and flavor. These are all carcinogenic ingredients you want to steer clear of.
Sometimes preserves sitting on shelves get oxidized or fermented if the formula is not balanced enough. You should watch out.
Vaidya Mishra carefully formulated his SVA Rose Petal Preserve according to his ancient ayurvedic precepts. He used natural ascorbic acid balances the sugar molecules. In addition, he used pectine which micro-encapsulates the sugar molecules, so that they do not rush into your blood stream and give you a sugar high. Pectine also modulates the sugar molecules to give sustained release into the body. He added natural essence of Rose Absolute, for enhanced rose properties in addition to organic rose bud petals. Fall in love once more, with and through Vaidya’s SVA preserve jars of pure rose bliss! For a blissful start of your day, you can add some Rose Presrve to your breakfast, but DO NOT ADD to your milk, as the ascorbic acid in this recipe will curdle your milk and cause indigestion. Here’s another delicious recipe from Vaidya for a day-time snack, specially in hot summers, prep time: 3 minutes:
4 tsp raisins – any kind you like
4 tsp dry toasted pine-nuts
2 tsp Rose Petal Preserve
Mix all the ingredients together and carry with you in a jar. You can snack on this throughout the day for a sustaining bliss-inducing quick pick-me-up!
This recipe is Pitta and Vata Pacifying. It can also pacify Kapha dosha – add ½ tsp fresh ground Black pepper.
You can keep any unused portions and consume for 3-4 days. 
Here’s wishing you all only rosy days ….

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