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What’s MORE to Love About Vaidya’s Formulations? – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Nov 23, 2023 – #45, Vol 12 - STOREWIDE SALE + FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING (minimum purchase required) - Happy Thanksgiving!         This week we share some product reviews - everybody has their favorite "Vaidya Mishra formulation"! If you have yours and have not let us know yet, look up your favorite product and then click on "Write A Review" to… ... Read the Full Newsletter Here

NEW COURSE: Autumn 2023 SVA Home Detox

An 8 week cleanse in the company of fellow detoxers. Learn about 4 types of toxins, detox pathways, and recipes for supporting elimination and rejuvenation, and much much more!

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COURSE: What is EMF & What You Can Do To Mitigate It

SV Ayurveda teaches us time-tested tools, recipes, and the science of Marma to help shield against and mitigate the modern toxic phenomenon of EMF – electromagnetic toxicity. Learn from Vaidya directly – through videos, and read further to discover additional tools and remedies.

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