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“The science of Ayurveda is not man-made knowledge, it is made by the creator of this universe. It is the ‘maintenance manual’ for the human body, thus it is never outdated.” With Vaidya’s simple and easy to follow Home-Detox Manual you can chose from daily, weekly, or monthly detox protocols.

Now you can take charge of your own life and detox, in the comfort of your own home, safely, easily and effectively, with Vaidya’s newest book. The first portion of the book lays-out the central SVA concepts that make detox a successful experience –  from the 4 types of toxins, to the role that circulatory – physical and vibrational – channels play in toxins. Learning about these and incorporating changes into your diet and lifestyle will make a difference long-term, as it helps you navigate the endless stream of products and choices that meet us in our commodified world. Choosing the right products and the right food ingredients so as to stop the intake of toxins transdermally, orally, and otherwise, is the first step ever towards detox. 


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