Pulse & Marma

Would you like to be able to help loved ones with common daily imbalances, such as:

  •             indigestion
  •             sleeplessness
  •             acidity
  •             fatiguePulse taking
  •             bad dreams
  •             low bone tissue
  •             low muscle tissue
  •             migraines

Learning how to detect such daily ailments through touching the pulse will guide you to give the proper remedy. This course has been designed for all – whether you are a stay-home mom (or dad!) and are interested in improving your personal health or that of your loved ones; or whether you are a professional health expert and are looking to add an essential assessment tool to your existing skills.

For example, what will be the pulse of an individual experiencing indigestion? In ayurvedic terms, you would have to answer the following questions:

What dosha is high;
How is the rhythm?
What about the volume?
And the speed?
Which dhatu-s or tissues are affected?
And what kind of  effect is present in terms of the guna-s or properties.

Through this e-course with Vaidya you will learn that if someone is experiencing indigestion, then you will notice that their kapha dosha is high, specifically the kapha subdosha that governs the stomach, kledaka kapha. You will see Kledaka kapha in rasa dhatu, or the very first tissue or layer when you press your fingers on the pulse. Rasa dhatu will carry ama or heaviness due to partially indigested food. So the first layer will feel suppressed, cold, heavy. The first subdosha that you will hear will be kledak kapha. Pachak pitta, the pitta subdosha that governs the stomach, will appear less prominent. Another subdosha that will be active because of kledak kapha will be samana vata, or the vata subdosha that governs the stomach area. All three subdosha-s govern the stomach: kledak to lubricate and moisten, pachak to breakdown and process, and samana to churn and move the food. When someone eats very heavy food item or eats when stressed out, or eats and watches TV, then digestion is impaired, kledak increases, pachak decreases, and samana increases.

You will be able to read this in the pulse on the very first layer, the rasa dhatu layer.  When Samana vata goes high, then it moves out of its designated area, it can either go up and then udana vata which is in the chest goes high giving sudden chest pains, or causes the person to burp; or samana vata goes down and interferes with apana vata, causing gas and bloating.

You will also learn all the fundamentals of Ayurveda the way they are taught in the ayurvedic sutra-s and the SV lineage – clear, practical, to the point.

Knowledge is all about experience, and with this course, you can make this most precious knowledge of Ayurveda a daily practical experience in your life and those of the ones you are called upon to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does each student have to call to book a room or will your office help us with that?

We have set things up so that each one of you can either call the Warner Center Marriott Hotel or use their online link to book your room. If you need help, however, we are happy to oblige and help you book your room.

Please note: your room may not be available for you to check in before 4pm on the day of your arrival, unless you book the room for the night before as well. However, if you do arrive early on Friday morning or afternoon, the hotel is happy to store your luggage in a locked area so you can move around without having to lug it with you.

2) If the hotel is the venue I can go there straight or if it is Prana Centre I will have to come with my bags straight to Prana Centre. The hotel is the venue of the conference. The Prana Center is approximately 3 miles away from the venue, if anyone would like to visit it. Please note: the Prana Center will be closed during our conference, but open for business the days before and after the conference.

3) What are the room rates?

$129/night plus taxes and applicable service charges – free WIFI is included for the entire duration of your stay. Meals are not included in this price. We have made special arrangements for all SVA meals and snacks to be served during our conference and you will be charged a discounted package price for that. Scroll down to read more about it below. WE HAVE MADE ARRANGEMENTS TO EXTEND THIS SPECIAL RATE FOR 3 DAYS PRIOR AND 3 DAYS AFTER THE CONFERENCE for those of you wishing to come earlier and stay longer in town.

4) What do we have to bring with us?

We will be supplying notepads, snacks, and the conference will be recorded for your convenience. So nothing really is needed on your end – if you have special dietary or other requests, kindly let us know asap so we can accommodate them.

5) Will you provide us with all creams and roll ons onsite?

Yes, each participant will receive a conference goodie bag with all necessary creams etc. However, you may also bring your own if you so desire.

6) Will the Prana Center store be available for us to purchase products?

We will have a full display of all SVA formulations and our SVA team members will be available throughout the conference to assist you in any request or purchases of products or services.

7) I believe meals are not included in our course payment? That’s correct, room and board are not included in your fees. We have made special arrangements with the Hotel’s chef and he will be preparing special meals throughout the duration of our conference using only Mum’s Ghee and/or Olive oil; SVA masala-s, and only Soma Salt, plus SVA chutneys, preserves, teas. In addition, he will be using only fresh ingredient product where and when available.

The Breakfast Lunch and Dinner bundle rate for 3 days (excludes dinner on Sunday night) is: $175 – this includes Friday afternoon snacks plus dinner; 3 meals plus snacks on Saturday; breakfast and lunch plus snack on Sunday.  This fee is payable to the Prana Center. You may send a check or call us to pay with your credit card. Please make sure to pay by April 15, 2015 so that we can confirm the meal plan numbers with the hotel.

After the course concludes on Sunday evening at 6pm, we will be organizing a free dinner event with Vaidya Mishra and conference speakers. This may or may not happen on the hotel site, depending on how many of you choose to attend. If you wish to attend, please let us know asap so we can add your name to the reservation list. We will confirm the site after we have the final number of those who will attend the dinner.

NOTE: if you are unable to attend the practicum conference, we will be video taping it. All participants will receive a copy of the entire conference duration. Course participants who are unable to attend will receive their certificates of completion. There will be future opportunities to practice pulse – these will be announced at later dates.

8) Airports to arrive at: you can arrive at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), or the Burbank Airport (BUR). Cabs are available on site at both airports. You can also reserve a shuttle ride with the company called Super Shuttle. With Super Shuttle you will get the discounted group rate for individuals regardless of whether you travel on your own or with others as a group – they will pick you and other travelers together that’s why they offers discounted rates. You can call their number directly or book your ride on-line with them for arrival and departure as well. Find them at:www.supershuttle.com  or call 1(800) BLUE-VAN (800-258-3826).


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: 1.818.219.5499 or email us at: courses@prana-center.com