Charak Course Vata Dosha

Due to the generous donation of our sponsors, this two hour lecture is free for everyone.

Go deeply into the knowledge of vata dosha with Vaidya Mishra reading directly from the most ancient Ayurvedic text, Charak Samhita.

Vata is the intelligence and movement factor of the body.  Everything that gets transported inside the body, the body’s movements and actions, as well as the movement of thoughts, are all governed by vata.

Vata also is the governing intelligence in every minute part of the body.  It decides how much soma should be transformed by pitta into kapha and when to do it.  Vata is the “king of the doshas.”

It is easy for vata to get out of balance in the world today because we often overuse our minds, eat unintelligent food and make too much effort in activity.  Electromagnetic radiation also disturb the intelligence of vata.

Learn what the ancient Charak Samhita says about this important dosha, and learn how to balance pitta dosha in your own physiology.

Download two hour audio file.