Announcing SV Ayurveda for Global Clinical Practitioners

A Course for health professionals, yogic experts, ayurvedic practitioners and aficionados at large.

  • This course will cover 125 conditions where you will learn to complement existing medical therapies with gentle efficient SVA modalities without the risk of herb-drug interaction.
  •  Learn how to use and recommend the “perfect” diet, understanding its why and how.
  •  Acquire the proper use of SVA’s transmucosal delivery system-based nectar drops, the Transdermal Marma System creams, SVA Marma massages and applications, and many more way to address conditions in individuals through herbal teas, spice mixtures, and other specific tips.
  •  Learn home-based “Transdermal Panchakarma” and why it is the safest most effective way to go about detox in this day and age.
  • In this course, you will study 150 herbs, 30 spices, 15 grains, 20 fruits, 35 vegetables, covering their rasa guna virya vipak prabhava vishesh.
  • The course will cover all the wisdom and the skills on the basis of which Vaidya MIshra’s SVA experts have been addressing a myriad of imbalances and chronic conditions successfully for the past 12 years.
  • Vaidya Mishra will teach all the basic principles and practical tips, and his team of practitioners will teach and elaborate upon clinical cases and conditions – for more information about the scope of conditions, watch the testimonials on our youtube channel, SVA Health.

Pre-requisites: SVA Pulse Assessment and SVA Marma Therapy are a pre-requisite for this course. Full completion and certification of the course (9 months of material plus weekend practicum). The Global Pulse and Marma Course will be offered again starting August 29, 2015.
Global Clinical SV Ayurveda Clinical Practitioners’ Course will be offered in 2016. It will be an electronic course, including live interactions with practitioners and Vaidya Mishra. Students will be able to study from the comfort of their home, at their own pace, not compromising their personal or professional schedules. This course will be launched in August of 2016. More details to follow soon.
Reminder: Pulse and Marma Practicum Weekend Course registration fees will be credited towards the Pulse and Marma Course offered again in August of 2015. Full completion and certification of the Pulse and Marma Course will prepare participants for the Global Clinical SV Ayurveda Clinical Practitioners’ Course.