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SVA Kitchen Presents: Baked Protein Vegan Crunch

SVA Kitchen Presents: Vegan Instant Hummus

SVA Kitchen Presents: Instant Vegan Savory Protein Shake

Vegan High-Protein Powder – Recipes and Tips for Different Metabolic Body Types

Juicing is convenient, it’s fast, it’s packed with nutritionally high fresh ingredients. But is it really as healthy as it is made out to be? In ayurvedic terms, of course, it all depends on what’s in it, and when you are consuming it. If we take it one step further, in SVA terms, the formula […]

“Sattva Vijayanthi: Dispel your Sorrow this Holiday Season”; the “Cloud of Unknowing”; and more! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Oct 31, 2019 – #42 Vol 9

ward off cough'n cold with SVA Tribindu & other unique formulations! ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ When temperatures drop in the Fall, our micro- and macro- circulatory channels shrink, trapping in excess pitta, keeping the nutrients and heat from circulating evenly, and resulting in cravings, specially for sweet and heavy. And if our agni is not […]

“What’s in Your Travel Bag?” by Corinna Maharani, plus: Mini SVA Retreat in Santa Barbara – CA; Shyama- A Dance Drama not to be missed! Vaidya Mishra’s Newsletter June 28, 2018, # 25, Vol 8

Storewide Supersale & free ground shipping – Happy 4th of July! What’s in your travel bag? Greetings from Germany!  When I take to the road, I like to bring along my favorite “life savers” in my handbag. Keeping your precious self-care favorites near is simply smart when you’re on the road!  While traveling, Vata Dosha becomes […]

Yogini-s are your Best Friends – Inside & Out

The gut-brain axis states that a healthy gut populated by flourishing friendly bacteria can help you think more clearly; it can make you more resolute in your outlook and decision; give you steady mood mode; and helps generate neuro-transmitters that support brain functioning fully. Friendly bacteria or beneficial microorganisms inhabiting our gut and hosted by […]

CellulEX, Nutrifascia, & Bio-CoQ10 – Transdermal Cellulite Solutions, as promised!

How can SV Ayurveda help with the management of cellulite – if at all? Here’s how: we can delve deep into understanding the metabolism of tissues and associated imbalances, to see how toxic build-up may disrupt the functioning resulting in sagging and cellulite; we can get a full understanding of the fascia that play a […]

Daily Decalcification and Detox With Instant Kulthi Protein Powder

Yes, we do know: calcium is a mineral necessary for life – our bodies need it in large quantities to build and keep our bones – and teeth – strong and healthy.  But did you know that calcium also helps our blood clot? In addition, it is necessary to nourish our nerves so they can […]

Do not Detox Yet!

An SV Ayurveda explanation for End-of-Summer Excessive Pitta or AmlaPitta imbalances  with Management Tips and Tools for Vata, Pitta, and Kapha It’s Autumn. But don’t just automatically jump onto the detox bandwagon yet! Just because it’s a new season! And just because everybody is doing it! If you detox without addressing pitta and amlapitta imbalances […]