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Nasya ALL the time ANYtime! April 13: CELEBRATING Vaidya & SVA; Dr Teitelbaum’s Upcoming Book – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Feb 28, 2019, #7, Vol 9

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Nasya –
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What is Nasya-? Simply put in Vaidya’s words, “nasya is that which is good for your nose!” Vaidya further explained – drawing on Maharishi Sushruta’s text – that nasya is “the herbal preparation (or herbalized oil) applied in the nasal cavity” (Su-chi-40-21).
Most of us might have heard of nasya as an integral part of clinical ayurvedic detox, aka: pancha-karma. When done in this context it is called “nasya karma.” Nasya karma should always be done under the supervision of an ayurvedic panchakarma expert. However, there are gentler forms of nasya applications that can be used on a daily basis. There are two categories of safe home nasya that can be used on a daily basis: a) Shehara – lubricating; b) Virechara – cleansing. The application of oil in our nostrils might sound foreign and undesirable to us here in the West; but it’s an integral part of ancient ayurvedic know-how and it carries a looooong list of health benefits too! The ancient texts offer detailed benefits of applying herbalized oil in the nostrils, including guidance on when to do it. 
So what’s the best times to use nasya oil?
First thing in the morning
Susruta says: “Tatra talpot thitena sevitah,” that is: nasya is best to do in the morning – even before leaving the bed.  First thing in the morning – why? Susruta adds: “Ratravu pachi tam nasa shroto gatam mal mupahti manah prasadam cha karoti” which means: the collected malas (impurities) in the nasal cavity may be mixed with ama (toxins that appear as phlegm) and block the nostril. An herbalized nasya oil helps relieve such clogging, and enhances the reception of prana, through which breathing is also improved. 
After brushing your teeth
 Susruta says: “Prakshalit dantena seveto” - after brushing your teeth and/or rinsing your mouth. Why? Because “Dantanum dridatam” – by supporting and cleansing the nasala cavities, it also affect the healt of your gums and teeth. In addition, “Badah saugandhya cha padayati” – it keeps the mouth fragrant and grounds the mind. This is all for a healthy jumb-start to your morning. But there are also additional times in the day when the application of nasya oils are highly beneficial. For example, before going out of the house, specially into areas with high pollution. Susurta says: “Grihannirgachhata”- if you use it before going out of the house, a good “Seveto” nasya oil, then it will Srotasah – Kleenna tatma rajo dhoomo vana vadhate.” In other words, a good nasya oil will lubricate and protect the microcirculatory channels of the nasal cavity so dust and smoke cannot block or disturb the nasal channel.
But it is also recommended you use nasya oil after work-out or physical exercise, after a long walk. You get the point: after any physical exertion is good to use nasya oil because it takes away fatigue by supporting and enhancing the flow and reception of prana through the breath. A really great time to use nasya oil is before and/or during flights. You will experience how it will calm your mind in addition to taking away the dryness that’s caused by cabin air and pressure. 

Vaidya Mishra’s Nasya oil carries both  Sodhana purifying and Samana balancing or calming properties. Daily lubrification may be done with a variety of oils; however, it’s great to use a tridoshic herbalized formulation for optimal effects and not just sesame oil – which is the usual go-to nasya oil. You want to lubricate your nasal cavity as a regular daily routine without experiencing irritation. Vaidya Mishra formulated several nasya oil with different properties. However, his original Nasya oil property is great for all the time anytime but particularly so for harsh cold winter weather. It is good for all to use. Do not use on children 12 and younger. Vaidya’s oil is tridoshic, unctuous and lubricating and a little thermogenic to help support nasal cavity detox. Here is some additional information on it.
V.P.K. – it balances: Udana, vyana, prana vata doshas, and shleshaka kapha, without aggravating bhrajak pitta
How to use: gently drip a drop of Nasya oil in each nostrils or use a q-tip.

What’s in Vaidya Mishra’s naysa oil – and why?
1.    Black Pepper Channel opening
2.    Cumin Channel opening
3.    Tulsi Channel opening and re-establishes the 
intelligence of Ghranendriya (sense of smell) and counteracts the effects of air pollution, also a rasayana
4. Turmeric Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
5. Ginger      Channel opening- scrapes dry ama from nostril
6. Boswellia Anti-inflammatory, deeper cleansing, binds Amavisha
7. Cinnamon Deep channel opening, supports immunity of nostril
8. Cardamom (small) Aromatic, cleans deep physical channels
9. Vacha Cleans the sensory power “Granshakti” of nose
10. Bacopa Provides better communication between mind and sense of smell
11.   Lodhra      An astringent herb that helps to keep the acid alkaline balance of the nasal cavity.
12. Neem Anti Bacterial
13. Guduchi      Immuno-modulator
14. Kantakari      Re-establishes the intelligence of nasal cavity
15. Dhuna      Deep anti-inflammatory plus aromatic therapy
16. Manjistha      Immuno-corrective (enhances the intelligence of the immune system)
17. Saffron Best topical antioxidant
18. Larger Cardamom Aroma-therapeutic and channel-opener
19.   Jatamansi      Opens and supports the channels between the mind and senses
Plus: essential oils of Jasmine to unify the different layers of the membranes of nasal cavity; Coriander Oil to harmonize the different ingredients; and Grapefruit oil as an antioxidant.  All the ingredients are added to a base of organic sesame Oil to help soothe the nostril without clogging the circulatory channels, and to help absorb, adopt and deliver the medicinal property of all the herbs.
Disclaimer: The statements and the product listed above have not been evaluated by the FDA. They should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult with your medical physical before using any herbal or other applications or formulations. 

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