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Give it or get it: you won’t regret it – Abhyanga and its Transdermal Benefits

Nowhere is the science of ayurvedic transdermal healing better illustrated than in the chapter on Abhyanga. Abhyanga is the time-tested ancient method of massaging the body with warm herbalized oils to make the limbs supple, relax and energize the mind, building resistance to physical and mental stress. With unique SVA formulations, you can now safely supplement your body […]

OET-E inside-out: why now?! plus Dharma Summit; Navaratri; Dr T Public Lectures; DARSHAN tix- your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Sept 19, 2019, #36, Vol 9

Gandush, Karna, Guda, Nasya, Abhyanga Oils & MOM'S GHEEEEEE – ON SALE THIS WEEK! ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ O-L-E-A-T-E: inside-out! Autumn’s here! The excess heat of the summer accumulated in the environment – and our bodies – results in dryness. We see it around us in nature as trees shed dry leaves, and we feel in […]

Fries with Amla Tamarind “Ketchup”??? Navaratri Homam; Dr T Public Lectures; DARSHAN tix- your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Sept 12, 2019, #35, Vol 9

superanti-oxidant Wild Amla for End of Summer High Pitta? YES!!! 20% off this week – choose from preserve, nectar, bath pouch & more! ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ we promise you will NEVER crave fries with ketchup from the “golden arches” EVER AGAIN try this easy & healthy recipe below TICKETS & INFO Malavika Sarukkai Dancer […]

“Dry Itchy Winter Skin? – Take 2!” – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Feb 14, 2019, #5, Vol 9

Free Winter Soap + Unique Massage oil to Support Circulation, Thermogenesis, & Hydration – on sale this week! Why do we get dry itchy skin in the winter? Vaidya taught us well! He explained that even extreme harsh weather conditions can bring some gift for our physiology! No matter the season, it’s always a great […]

ALA’s Health Benefits – with Dr T; “Samadhi Marma” – 2 testimonials! Private platform SVA Experts; Pics from “Shyama”; & more! SV Ayurveda Newsletter August 16, 2018, # 31, Vol 8

ALA Cream, Roll-on, & Massage oils – on sale this week What is Alpha Lipoic Acid & What Can You Use it For?   You’re probably thinking why would an Ayurvedic physician write in an Ayurvedic newsletter about alpha lipoic acid, especially when everyone else is writing about the health benefits of the typical Ayurvedic […]

Prana, HRT, & Menopause – with Dr T; and more! SV Ayurveda Newsletter July 12, 2018, # 26, Vol 8

Hormonal Balance Transdermally with Vaidya's Unique Formulations – on sale this week! CASE HISTORY Menopause, Prana, HRT, & Vaidya Mishra’s SVA Protocols Before we begin our discussion about how to treat menopausal symptoms using our Ayurvedic herbs, let’s make sure you first understand what the word prana means. Many people have heard the word “prana,” […]


The following is a list of certified Shaka Vansya Ayurveda (SVA) Practitioners. Each has studied with Vaiyda Mishra and has demonstrated a level of proficiency in Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda. Vaidya Mishra, AdiShakti, Inc and Chandi Co are not responsible for the professional decisions of the  practitioners. Always consult your primary care physician for medical advice. […]

Why You should not Diet in Winter

If your new year’s resolution involved dieting, you might want to wait. The Winter season is NOT the best time to diet according to Ayurveda. Which means: if you do start a diet, the likelihood of losing weight is slim; and/or of discontinuing your diet and giving up on your new year’s resolutions is also […]

Why It’s Great to Bathe at the Seasonal Junctures

“Snan Ke Gun” or the ayurvedic attributes of bathing for Seasonal Health and Detox Detoxing at the seasonal junctures is highly recommended by Ayurveda. And we now understand why. Our body is not frozen in time or space, it is always interacting with the environment it is part of, and nowhere is this more visible than […]

Chronic Pain Management with SVA Protocols and SVA Herbal Synergies

Chronic pain is a modern pandemic – in the United States, we are looking at an estimated annual costs of management – including healthcare expenses, lost income, and lost productivity – of more than a $100 billion! Chronic pain interferes with our daily lives and happiness, hampering our productivity. The American Academy of Pain Medicine […]